Invested It's hard to beat ••••

I do not know people while you, but in the last months It is very difficult to win an I’ve had days in which I needed to use two bottles to open the bau, this arrives to be discouraging, it traces a team according to its advey enters the arena and the Game sends horrible stones where you can not even activate the specials of your heroes super fast In 18 invested I won only 2, I no longer try to win trophies anymore Tournaments and no dispute because I see that the game already determines who will leave the field winner , I see that in another way since I do not put money I am greatly impaired, in the war my equípes do not lower of 3,500 of power I can not finalize an opponent with 3200 power because I have already used the strategies 3-2 outro 2-2-1 outra 3-1-1 I do not know what to do. For a level 50 player, I should not be such an idiot. Not knowing how to use my hero at least

Seems, that you’re not yet part of the big conspiracy which is going on…

:shushing_face: :speak_no_evil:

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Your English was manipulated somehow… :wink:

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Try mono…

20 mono teams

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