Invest Sturdy Shields wisely?


Hey. At long last I’ve got my 4th Sturdy Shield after several months of playing. With other colors I had/have a good/great hero waiting, but with greens, I just don’t know and I’m feeling stingyyyyy. These shields don’t love me and I don’t have Lianna (or Albi, bye Albi, see you next year if ever) QQ.

So then, the question is - should I give the shields to one of my available heroes? Or would I do better to hold onto them and use them once I get someone better (so like, Lianna x) ).

My priorities: Events > Titans > Raids.

Little John

My other heroes if it matters:
Ascended: Kiril, Gormek, Li Xiu, Wukong,
Present: Kelile, Colen, Boldtusk, Sonya, Boril, Sabina, Cyprian, Tiburtus, Thoth

Thanks for your input. In this game I’m kinda like, hide all the ascension mats away and give nothing to nobody. MY PRECIOUS. HANDS OFF, PLEBS.


Little John is a pain in the my ■■■ whenever I vs him so I’d say him


If you are faring ok in events, titans and raids then personally I would wait for Caedmon or Lliana. I guess Melendor or Elkanen with a gun to my head.


Lianna is garbage so is ced


I’d go melandor out of those, might as well use them to increase your chance of getting more :slight_smile:


Haha! Thats the funniest comment I’ve read in a while! :slight_smile:


From what you have and your priorities I would say Little John or hold on to them.
Level Boldtusk if you want another healer.


Swimming in healers, I’m a magnet for these, yet I couldn’t get Albi, noooo. I’d have an easy choice, but game be evil :rage: I think I have every 4* and 3* healer available…


I think he’s trying to troll a little ;>


Haha, I gathered as much, which made it even more funny :slight_smile:


Id say Melandor only for one reason. As you said, you want to do monthly events. The easiest way i find to do the advanced one is stack up on reflect damage and heal. You have both Cyprian and Boril which are both good assests in helping you COMPLETE the monthly events. Since you dont have Caedmon, i cant vote for him as an alternative.


I was in a similar position with my greens being weaker (SkittleSkull/Kashrek) and it took me 3 months to get my 4 shields. I decided to hold onto them for a better green.

I then got 4 more shields the following week but now have the bottleneck of no Compass’s … lol

RNG is love


I can complete monthly events as is. The only upgrade would be to actually place here or there :slight_smile:


Out of that list and the other heroes you have, probably Elkanen.

Most general use case, and you have plenty of other heals and dispels frankly. Elkanen isn’t a complete turd TBH, though I think it’s nearly impossible to make him good at attack without making him OP on defense.

That said you may want to just hold on to them as someone else suggested.


I have a similar problem sometimes ago, have to choose to fully ascend Kadilen, Caedmon or Little John.
Try to guess what i pick :slight_smile:


I’d pick Caedmon. Which did you pick?


Little John.

If i look only on raids maybe i pick Kadilen or Caed, but for the event Little John is definitively better.


If you’ve had experience with Elkanen maybe you can explain him to me :smiley: Cause I completely don’t understand the design of that hero and see no use for him anywhere.

In attack he deals less damage than 4* heroes that also lower enemy defense and MUCH less than heroes like Richard and Thorne who are also tankier than him. His healing is quite negligible really. Minor healing from minor damage. On top of that he has one of the lower HP in game (18 HP more than Lianna who is inifinitely more useful and desirable for both attack and defense).

I’m curious what you think from higher up the ladder. From down here he does, indeed, look like a complete turd :rofl:


From someone who has been in this position, hold on to them. 3 days after I finally caved and used mine, I got lianna. Mel was my choice. The debuff & heal is more important than what other greens offer.

I am not a fan of slow mana heroes, nor does Elkanen seem worthy of my resources and time. Overall, green is pretty weak in the hero department, with the exception of Lianna. I have 8 capes because I am going through this dilemma with blue lol


Albi is good sirrrrrrr