Inventory: Wrong item gets "+1"

Bit of an odd one today. I’d received Poison Darts from a titan chest, but when I went to have a look at my inventory, the “+1” displayed on Mystic Rings, and not on Poison Darts:

I questioned my recollection and went to check recent activity, where, sure enough, I had received Poison Darts from a titan chest (and no recent Mystic Rings):

I’m pretty sure it’s the inventory label that is confused.

The only other relevant info I can think of, is that I consumed some rings the other day. :slight_smile:


Did you download the latest version? It started to release today
Also do you remember how many darts and rings you had prior to the titan chest?
Just checking to see what version you running and if its related to the new V25

Nope. I haven’t seen the new release yet, and the About dialog reports as 24.1.0 build 1145, so it hasn’t been downloaded behind my back either.

Not for certain. (That’s kinda why I was checking the inventory.) I think I have one more Poison Darts than I had before, and no more Mystic Rings, but I could not say for sure.

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Well i hope its just a glitch and gets fixed in the update
I will keep an eye on my items as well to see if this is recurring bug
And to be certain i will take a screenshot of my ascension materials to make sure which will increase if something similar happened

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