INVENTORY & False number of NEW Ascension Items received!

I’ve bought the Army Pack!, and have noticed a visual issue under ’ INVENTORY ’ section. I have the latest version of the Android game, and the problem is with the incorrect number of NEW ’ LOOT ’ shown, and incorrect number of NEW ’ ASCENSION MATERIALS ’ shown. There was three ascension materials giving, but the number of new is 1. The ‘NEW’ tag was only over one of the three new ascension items that I’ve received from the Army Pack!.. I do have screen captures if you care to have them. It isn’t a big deal, but It’s misleading and should be corrected.

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The new marker only shows up for completely new items in your inventory. If you already had some of the things you bought, thus adding to the count but not adding a completely new item to inventory, they would not show up as ‘new’.

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I know exactly how it works. I just bought the package, and only then went into that inventory section. From there I explained what I’ve seen. Out of the three ascension items, only one had the marker.

You may want to report it directly to Game Support. If so, from in-Game, click:

Menu > Options > Support (Technical)

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