INVENTORY Bug after updating to V62.0.2

After updating to current version I got Inventory /General error. It shows nil contents and whenever I choose another tab say, ascension, then get back to General tab, it doesn’t refresh the contents of the last tab I checked. My General tabs is empty.


Me too
@PlayForFun would you please forward this? Thanks.


I am forwarding it to Staff.

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I cannot use any items in my EMPTY Inventory - Genetl. How am I supposed to play this game? Pls fix this bug immediately.

Same problem with me also. Can’t access to my food and iron boxes to ascend my heroes. Very frustrating. Can someone please fix this bug? Tx

This bug is halting my Game. No access to inventory means no progress. This should be fixed immediately.

They released a new patch,they fixed the inventory bug but the freezing still happens
I just scored 0 on the titan because the game froze and all the damage i did before the freeze didnt count.
Nomvember is the bugs month i guess :joy:

The current supported version of the game is V62.0.1

62.0.2 is an experimental test build which is attempting to resolve the intermittent freezing issue affecting a small number of players. It was released via an unused beta channel on the Google Play Store listing of the main Empires & Puzzles app. Users will not automatically update to this test build - it can be installed by manually opting in to the Play Store beta.

Please note: this is not part of our normal beta programme and it does not include any unreleased game content for testing.

If you are encountering issues or you do not wish to use an experimental test build, simply open the Play Store listing for Empires & Puzzles and choose to leave the beta. This will revert the app to version 62.0.1

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same for me.I can’t access to my my food boxes and energy flask​:sob::sob::sob::sob: