Introduction of many NEW Heroes : Is it really an issue ?!

I agree on this part as well. Is it a problem? Well, from the game perspective, it’s not healthy when players stay away from puling the newest contnet, because it’s going too fast to keep up anyway. From players perspective, it could be a financial disaster if you try to keep up… I don’t have time or energy to elaborate on this, but… I guess it gives an idea why it certainly is a problem.

Of course, we all can choose how we are going to deal with this problem. :slight_smile:
My choice: stop caring about whatever is going on and play my game with what I have. And spending on absolute minimum.


I agree with everything that has been said. It is enticing to try and go after all these new heros, but it’s not practical. I have decided to not change my playing and pulling habits at all. If it works out that I can make a few pulls during an event, great! If it doesn’t work out, so be it! There are many, many great heros that have eluded me during my time I the game (Odin, Gefjon, Ursena, Alberich, to name a few), but it has not diminished my joy for the game or my ability to compete in the game!

Remember, this is a “strategy game”! At the end of the day, it all comes down to one basic concept - can I put together 5 heros to counter the five heros that my opponent has! Can I “strategically” or by shear “brute force” align 5 heros to beat your 5 heros! There are many, many ways to “skin that cat”! The variety of heros that are out there and are easily available provides endless options to beat any team of 5 heros. Thus, you don’t need all heros to be successful in this game! You don’t even need most heros to be successful! You just need to know which hero or set of heros are best suited against a given hero or set of heros! That comes by a lot of trial and error (or learning from other’s experiences).

I guess all I’m saying is don’t get caught up in what or how frequent SG is rolling out heros! Play your game! Stay within your budget! Learn to use what you have to the best of your ability! And have fun! :wink:


My biggest issue is keeping track of opponents.

Mostly when I have a “who the eff is that” look at the card to see if they summon minions. If they kick my butt I might look harder if/when I see them again :woman_shrugging:

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I agree with you, and with the subsequent comments. I find it ridiculous that people say there is no point in pulling because the heroes in the next portal will make this portal’s heroes obsolete. What rubbish! Heroes from years ago are still not obsolete. If I didn’t get a new 5* hero for another year I would still be competitive at my alliance level - things will gradually get tougher, but not to the point where I will feel that I am not able to able to “keep up” games-wise.

I actually like the fact that there are so many new heroes with new machanisms being introduced. I will likely be getting none of them (as per the pattern so far), but I will be able to face a wider variety of heroes which makes it more interesting to play. Especially as I have Lord Loki, so I can at least borrow those specials for a time.


i’ve chilled out in the last couple weeks on the number of new heroes coming out. i more or less agree with everything you’re saying on the hero front.

it’s the corollary stuff that’s getting annoying.

mistakes like the above might be considered innocent in other contexts, but they look worse than they might otherwise in the context of seeming so focused on a constant stream of new heroes that the rest of the game looks neglected. “rotation will be consistent again” until the next time they decide to change it up for no reason. :roll_eyes:

not to mention, the fact that they’re releasing some of these heroes in new events like the Alliance Quest or the Tower of Magic–it’s gotten to a point where you have to pick and choose not just which portals to summon from but also which events to compete in because you only have so many arrows, axes, bombs, dragons, mana potions, and Hunter’s Lodge level weapons to go around for Mythic Titans, Towers, and events. that problem gets exacerbated with the reduced Atlantis Rises. i’d like to know that if i ever win these events that i’m competing against everyone because everyone who plays the game with events in mind is able to sustain a steady inventory so they can compete too, not have to take an event or three off just because it’s unsustainable to compete in everything.

not to mention that even if the number of new heroes being released isn’t a problem per se, there’s still the undealt-with-issue of roster space. i’ve gotten well past the point of hoping there would be something implemented (there was an idea i saw here recently that suggested adding roster slots as prizes for certain things in the game) that didn’t involve having to spend gems for it.

all that said, i do agree with keeping the drop rate of 4* ascension materials pretty close to where it currently is, and i think the increased sources over time is a good compromise (but also wish some new sources would be available for F2P players as well coughGoblinBallooncough). that’s the bottleneck that keeps the game (for the most part) balanced.


I have to begin the devil’s advocacy,

I don’t see you using regular S1 without costumes. It’s a bit remarkable how most the people who argue relevance are playing with shiny new toys.
And I wonder how comparable the word obsolete is with “hot garbage”…

Obsolete is a reference word that will be debated till the bloated horse splits open.
But if someone is not using heroes from "years ago" then for them…
obsolescence is a valid term.

And therein lies the Issue with the introduction of so many new heroes:

:point_up_2: this is real…not rubbish…
There are new 4* that compare favorably over S1 5’s.

And if they double the amount of "new heroes" next year as compared to 2021.
Maybe future 3* will be greater and S3 will be next to fall. This is not a fallacy, it’s visibly happening with greater momentum.

And now that costumes replace balance updates. The "issue"
Will compound regardless of their pace…

I have basically said in my posts that vanilla S1 5*s are in fact more or less obsolete (with some exceptions), as long as you have other non S1 heroes. But these guys are 3+ years old, so it seems fair enough that they would be considered so with a mature roster.

If using the likes of Proteus, C BT, C Mel, Mist, Delilah, Lady Wool, Musashi is considered playing with “shiny new toys” then guilty as charged.

But note that I was specifically referring to the multitude of posts talking about not pulling at new portals for fear of the subsequent portals having more powerful heroes that make the newly pulled heroes obsolete

Where you see fear
I see good financial sense for folks that are paying attention.
Especially with non refundable LB in play

The issue is real…!
and it’s more visible in this last year than the previous 3 combined.


Soo many new heroes are not problem.Releasing ONLY ridiculously overpowered heroes who further weaken an already weak gamebalance is THE PROBLEM.
This game have not really required intelligence or skills so far, from now on a few lucky pulls enough to create a hard beatable lineup, and win lot of raids without paying attention to synergies.There is two sharply distinct trends of the hero ability designs;
Extremely OP event heroes for brainless gaming, and the new Hotms who not great alone, but useful or sometimes a little OP with the right combination.
I prefer the latter…

(Yeah, that was a comment with bad english, arguing in english is hard for me so i will not reply if you disagree :stuck_out_tongue: )


LoLo takes the whole play experience to another level.

This morning raid, LoLo copied LudwiG & started the cycle of taunt & mana dance in my team for FriGG - Hatter

Immediately it was DD by FriGG & Hatter was ready to steal LudwiG taunt so I speed charged opposite LudviG :rofl: :roll_eyes:
Which gave the LudwiG + allies buff to Gazelle & Heimdall = My whole team was on a Mana roll :rofl:

I haven’t stopped :rofl: :rofl: seeing how strongest LudwiG is made a bunny…. :roll_eyes:

I see 2 issues with releasing new heroes in such speed.

First of all human behaviour - some are collectors, hoarders and releasing so many heroes makes these people pull and pull and pull. I think is simple to understand. Thankfully I am not one of those, but I perfectly understand some would. I mean some people collect stamps or coins in RL, soo… :stuck_out_tongue:
Secondly - When you think in warteams then you will find further improvements with a new hero. Then I will aim for improving to do better in war. Of course some strategies always work like manacontrol. However the increase in stats of newer heroes can only be made up with more special skill usage and at some point it will get too slow to defeat a wardefense. Higher stats - appropriate countering matters.
I lied when I said 2 issues. Of course there is a third: Metaheroes. Playing competitivly you’d want a meta-defense in order not to get farmed in wars and allow your opponent gain advantage.

Under the line - yes! Releasing heroes in this speed is an issue. But I am also convinced it highly matters on which lvl one plays.


Hi everyone.
In my opinion, you don’t need to spend money to enjoy de game. I never pay for it and I have a lot of 5* heroes, heroes of the mounth, specials heroes that I invocated of the Tabern and more than these.
And now I have more heroes than I can use and I can complete.
Thank you and sorry if I have any mistake writting because I’m a sapinsh person and I know that I have mistakes when I’m writting in english

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Mostly agree with what is said. The inherent problem is more of a people thing than an SG thing. Power creep with new heroes and a quick rate does breed jealousy and contempt within the community. It takes a strong mind to look at the situation logically, which most posters here have done.

I can also commiserate with those who succumb to the feelings of jealousy and contempt though.

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Your reply content is what matters and is fairly clear.

Spelling mistakes don’t take away the meaning of your content, so please don’t worry.

Thanks for expressing !

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I agree completely with what @dawnsempires wrote.

And I would add that while I appreciate the diversity, this should always come with balance. And this disregard for balance, together with the increasing uncertainty about the overall game environment is what creates problems.

You cannot say that you care about balance while you release Ludwig, Xno, add mana gain passives to new HotM and then you nerf Malicna & co. Or the change to the double formation. Or the buff to Faline and Zuri.

It’s not about the new heroes per se, since they could add the benefit of diversity, but the effects they have on the game balance and trust of the players on how the game will continue.

People need to know what they can count on. If there would be new heroes carefully tested and keep into account the beta players feedback, so that they offer diversity and keep the balance of the game, I would not have a problem with their number as such. But now I don’t know if I can count on anything but new content aimed at increasing the revenue of the company.


Thank you so much. I have tryed to be clear writting my opinion.

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This is very true, I was at a point of just sitting on mats and storing ham… No 3*, 4*, or (worthwhile) 5* to work on… Even with no worthwhile 5* I still did a couple basic 5* to hit the 30 maxed 5s mark (even though I don’t use then and do not intend to without costume).

I got very lucky last month plus a costume for Elena in September… So now just wrapping up emblems on Francine today/tomorrow and back to storing ham for the next couple months til luck returns.

Other than green I am ready to ascend anything, tomes has been my main bottleneck for over a year while rings and Damascus blades have been a surplus. Not enticed to reroll mats in Alchemy lab cause I don’t have a hero worthy to ascend anyways.

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Firstly, re-rolling mats in AL is a paid thing & still RnG makes it a chance = a BIG NO for me & hence, I haven’t researched that last level & don’t see doing it ever !

My gut feel that SG wants players to get variety of heroes is confirmed by some good heroes that pop out regularly in the F2P account of my girlfriend from in-game saved gems & Zenobia being the latest one. There are good 4*s that have popped in too - Audhan, Valeria, Scarlett, Costume Tiburtus.

While it is all RnG, the wide variety makes playing FuN if one is not chasing & hoarding = which leads the frustration reasons !

Costumes showing up is a good example… BUT, I don’t have that luxury to level up a 5* year bcoz of my 3/70 waitlist !

Currently I am levelling up 3 & 4s - Slayers, Knights & one more Rigard…
having FuN as I allow the 4
elemental mats to collect… 10 Tonics & 6 Rings is a good feel while other three are 3 each …
Earlier, I would immediately level up from the waitlist the moment sixth 4* mat arrived… Now that rush is also chilled out ! :rofl:

I have 21 rings, but that is because I decided to ascend a 2nd Anzogh. Actually double Anzogh and Wilbur is a fun combo, just wish I had another 9 tile hero I could get in that group… If nothing comes my way once I get another Mana troop to 17 I can try Falcon sometime next year (have a 25, 17 & 11 Mana currently).

I will also probably limit break the 2nd Anzogh too… The reasoning was if Anzogh #1 was my first 5* ever and still my best red 5*… Why should I expect better to randomly show up? If it hasn’t in 2 years 9 months I could wait for eternity and not get anything lol.

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I would love to have an Anzogh, he is good. Good decision to build strategy around what one has instead of hoping for something !

I am enjoying a lot doing exactly this, though my P2P has got me a brilliant roster of heroes, who I am levelling up gradually & was the main reason for slowing down. I recently crossed 40 five stars in my 22nd month of play… Now have a good balance of all types of heroes (EDD, DD, Buff, Debuff, Heals) that are needed !

I am now building one set of elemental mats to be kept aside for any hero I want to level up speedily,
I have got 3-Knights at 3/70 but am sitting with 3 each - scopes, Tabards, Darts = no play for 4 to 8 weeks, unless some magic brings those balance mats !

Apart from Events / tournaments, I still take Falcon for a 3-2 war hit and is fun remembering, I chose to feed away fast Scarlett & level up an average Falcon… the value I realised a month later while I rued feeding away Scarlet bcoz 4* food levelled up faster :rofl:

The mistakes I have made in those early days !

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