Introducing: Allstar Challenge Event (my crazy dream)

So I had a crazy idea after this last challenge event past by us: what if they changed things up one month and featured an Allstar Challenge Event!

This would bring together the BEST heroes from each challenge event, such as:
Avalon: Guinevere and Lady of Lake
Wonderland: Jabberwok and Alice
Pirates: Finley and That Purple Healer (name escapes me)
Grimforest: Puss in Boots and Red Hood
Teltoc: Guardian Panther and Guardian Gazelle

They could throw some crazy story together, something about the portal to Valhalla has effected ALL dimensions, bringing everything together at one place and time!

This special summons would run like a normal portal and pull rates with gems, however, since this is so special, they would only offer these special Allstars in the pulls, NO classic S1 heroes. Since this is so special, it would only run for a day and a half or 2, and would cost 500 gems per pull.

Allstar 3* and 4*s from each could also be brought in for a Rare and Epic event also if Legendary doesn’t excite us enough.

Not sure if anyone has suggested this before, and I’ll take suggestions or criticisms below. How many would be interested in this???

This is interesting,but 500 gems,i think it is too much,i barely colect 350…

I was thinking higher because of the quality of the pulls. NO S1 heroes to disappoint you when you want Guinevere or another great hero. This is the compromise: SG still makes money, and we don’t get duplicate original S1 heroes.

Ya know, best from every event is subjective and prolly impossible if not improbable, but that thinking out of the box thinking is cool. If they threw some new challenge at us while we are stuck indoors during this flu thingy, acknowledging that many cannot earn money during these times, I would be so shocked as to be proud.

Is this mic on? Are you people listening? Helloooooo…?

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