Intra-alliance Battles not available to some members

There is a new feature where you can battle members of your own alliance. However, only some of the members of my alliance have access to it. The “battle” button does not show for me by the member’s name, and the “promote” buttons have disappeared as well even though I am co-leader. My account version is 34.0.2, build 855 and the time zone is Central Time USA. It doesn’t seem to be consistent by user OS or individual title/rank within the alliance.

You haven’t received the update yet. It’s still being rolled out. Shouldn’t be much longer now.


Several of my Alliance members and friends had to go to Google Play store or the Apple store and do a manual update from the store to get to version 35.


I am on Apple and had to go to the App Store click on E&P rather than OPEN and you will see a second screen that allowed you to update.
It worked for me

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Is there a way of seeing if your alliance members have attacked and the results?

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