Internet Dropped, didn't get into the Fight, 7 Energies lost!

Just experiences an issue. My Internet dropped when I was in the process of having clicked on ’ FIGHT! 7 ’ button in Province 20 [ Doomspire ] Stage 9 when I was going after some resources. It took my 7 energies but I was waiting with the animation circle on the button spinning around. When the Internet had returned. I wasn’t returned to the fight, and 7 energies now lost!

Very frustrating, I know. When my internet drops at home, the same thing happens.

I don’t think the game can do anything about my iffy WiFi though. :confused:

Using WiFi or not, wouldn’t have made much of a difference. The Internet modem went off line, so I called the company up and they are shipping me out a new Internet modem. Regardless, there could be check to ensure one actually enters into the game play. I only clicked on that button, and the looking at the animating circle and watching it trying to load the fight.

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