Internet connection problems!


Today I was in a middle of hard stage in season 2 which cost 10 flags and in the middle of it I was disconnected from the game and flags are naturally wasted… This is not the new problem for this game and it’s really frustrating to lose in that way… Please fix this bug. I was on Wi-Fi when this happened with strong signal wit cellular data turned on, so I don’t see any reason for getting disconnected…


For me in the provinces of stage 20, something like this happens and I can not go through any further stages

Someone can help me?


I’m not sure if it’s an internet issue or not, but I was fighting an ember dragon 1*, it seemed the game lagged or stalled. When gameplay returned time had not stopped with the stall, therefore leaving less time to fight titan, resulting in less damage being done. I’ve only experienced this since the new update. Happened about 12:15 pst.