Internet connection bugs

The game lost my internet connection when I had just won a battle at war. Registered as me a zero points when I had defeated all team players. Nothing wrong with my internet connectivity but there needs to be better failsafes in place when the game bugs out as I lost my best team without scoring any points for my alliance.


Check this out…

Maybe troubleshooting helps to avoid this issue in future…

Agree. Today it happened with me too. It will not be hard to make indicator of war raid progress. If it finished and raider won he will get points regardless of internet connection. We have flee button if we dont want to continue. And if indicator is false we have a case of forceful app close and it will be counted as lose. Notice many wars are decided by small amount of points and that points are essential.


Tje same thing happen to me. I didn’t start the war and loses one my attacks

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Same here!!! I’m new to forum and trying to figure out how to report my issue.


The same just happened to me while fighting a titan


Yeah, its happened to me during todays Attack in the war with my strongest team, too. I defeated the enemy in a little of moves,my team had almost full hp And ive received zero points And Lost one attack.


Just happened to me. Lost 5 heroes + my flag. Photo attached. This is REALLY annoying, please do something to repair this.

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I have same issue what jmk_96. I won the match with my best heroes and after nothing happened just circle moving. In the end 0 points, lost energy and lost best heroes. Seriously? I’m so mad because we have close war.

This happened to me first time but I know this is regular bug. Seen from other before. What is going on?


We are also having a very close war and I feel, somehow, cheated. I have a responsibilty on my alliance and can’t simply waste a flag due to a bug. I don’t care about my personal score, I just feel like my team can be hurt by this fluke in the system and I wish there was a way to recuperate the points.

Here u are

I know how to open support ticket… But how it could help me? Do I expect some reward? Not really. Also they can not recover situation.

There is no need for support ticket unless SG advices it. Fix is needed.

Cannot decide if it is helpful or not but I think opening a ticked gives SG the opportunity to compare the data of the involved players. So (i think) it is more easy to find the root cause and change the code.

@Petri: maybe you can confirm/deny if it is usefull for you to get a ticket for this bug?


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I reported the bug to support also - not helpful at all and blamed my internet connection, which is nonsense. It’s clearly a bug if so many other people are affected.

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I have had the same problem. Just happened to me again a few minutes ago (28 July). That’s the 3rd time now in the last 2 weeks. Fix the bug or I’ll take my gaming business elsewhere. I know from 1 person it’s not much to lose $300 a month but I’ll bet several others get tired of the crap too. Been waiting since Thanksgiving for story season 2 and what I’m getting is alliance, avatars and other crap I can live without.

I have also had this same issue 3 times - win the battle, but because of a glitch I get nothing, lost use of team and lost the flag/energy point.

I’m a retired programmer, I know a glitch when I see it. There’s bad code somewhere in the submitting result subroutine.

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i have too that the game trow me out,also out play games,in the game, and here by the page i can not use the email i use for my game, for my game i use gmail, now i must use here outlook,he say gmail is invalid and can not use,almost all people use gmail over the world,so i go used it to…now i must see when i log in in game if he keeps my email…

Well that doesn’t make sense, I registered using a gmail account.

This just gets worse. I was about to play in a war but just got that spinning wheel, didn’t even play the round. Go back in and it’s registered me as a zero score and cleared the heroes out. War is so bug riddled. There’s definitely fail-safes that can be put in place to stop this happening.

They think you have problem with internet connection… No compensation, nothing unless ypu are from top alliance. Support service is total joke. You know what? They do not care that there is a bug. They just do not care. No time to fix bugs have to produce new heroes to get more money.

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