✌ International Fight Club (Top 100) 14* Titan min 125k, Line ID : chodaboy_ or yurtles



  • If you think you can achieve 125k on 14* titan on daily basis
  • if you like a fun chatty diverse international group
  • if you hate complex war strategy or even micromanagement (we are not the military !!!)
  • If you like fun alliance events and some giveaways

Come join our fun crew :crazy_face: We are international from USA ,UK, Europe, Asia, Middle East ,etc… Our goals are to have fun and string 14* Titan at a comfortable pace.

Line app is highly recommended.

Preferably 20+ x 5* heroes, 4.6k+ tp , Lvl 23 troops

To apply : just send a in-game request to "International Fight Club " add us in Line
wally210 or chodaboy_


Glad you’re doing OK! :yum:

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still in love with Dee! :rofl:

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Thanks boolz ! Hope u guys doing great as well…we needed to recruit right after the telly and vela got adjusted …lol

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Hell yeah… everyone loves dee …hahaha

6 spots available now !

5 spots available now !

4 spots available now !

3 spots available now !

2 spots available now !

1 spot available…

5 spots available now

Make that four :smile:

Happy to join you guys!

Thank you :smile: … it’s a pleasure to have u here

5 spots available now

2 spots available now

1 spot available now

Y’all looking for a visitor after war? I def meet the criteria in the op.

welcome :smile: maybe you could line us in the mean time or just knock str8 away

2 to 3 spots available now !

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