International Fight Club - Hits 11* Titan , Looking for serious player, 5 war ready team, and LOVE THIS GAME

We’re International Fight Club looking to recruit 5 more spots for serious players, 2400 cups and 5 war ready team!! We’ve got very solid core who are looking to expand our core and be close tight knitted group to go to the top.

Member: 22 of our members are 4000 TP and above, almost all are above Diamond.

War: Averaging 5.5k points every war

Titan: Been hitting 11-13* titan, burning flags is a MUST, 5 flags each person.

Communication: Preferred to have Line, and we’re chatting 24/7.

Line is preferred to have, contact me at zackrechner Line ID!

Hi, this is Flint. I’m friends with Lela and all the other Vic Rattlehead people. If you have a spot for me, I’ll join :slight_smile:

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Hey flint! Just saw your message! You still interested? Yes we still have 2 more spot open

Hit me up in Line if you see this; add me zackrechner

Hey Flint! Glad you join us now!

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