Intermittent status effect display issue

I think I’ve found an intermittent display issue.

Sometimes, after using a hero’s special skill which leaves status effects on opponent heroes, these status effects are not shown in those heroes’ info popup, nor do those heroes have the corresponding status icons on their figures.

Unfortunately, I don’t have screenshots of this issue, since it’s intermittent and not very common.
I have the impression that it is more likely to happen after firing multiple heroes specials in quick succession and then quickly moving tiles before all the special animations have finished.

I’m also fairly confident that it’s only a display issue, since one time, it happened with my Gravemaker’s special, which leaves a burn effect.

That burn effect did not appear to be active on the affected heroes, but at the end of the opponent’s following turn, those heroes died from burn damage.

I’ll try to capture a screenshot.

I’m on Android, E&P version 19.0.0 build 902

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