Intermediate Titan team help

My Titan team had consisted of 5 fast single target attackers. I’d been reading it was recommended to use a tactic of reducing Titan defense and let the cascading tiles do the work. So I switched over to that tactic but I’m really either not understanding the best way to use my attackers or the approach I took isn’t optimal. I could really use some advice. I think the problem is that these guys don’t stack so I probably don’t need 3 attackers all with the same power.

My Titan team consists of tibs, Grimm, gormek, Chao, Caedmon. I could potentially replace gormek with a level 70 ares, maybe put him in the center and Chao and Caedmon to either side?

My strategy has been to use mana to immediately activate tibs then try to keep the Titan defense reduced as much as possible. I’d say the final damage has been slightly higher than my previous team (Sonya and scarlett instead of Grimm and gormek) but not all that much.

I feel like I’m stuck. Can I make significant improvements given the cards I have or do I really need stackable guys I don’t have? I’m stuck at high teens to low 20k overall damage on average against 6* titans.

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Likely problem is that tibs, Grimm and gormek all debuff the same, meaning there is no stacking, just overriding

It was made a good guide recently but it was… closed.


Replace gormek with ares

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That was my next thought talisax. In this instance does it make a difference who I put next to him (assuming he’s 8n the middle).

Are there specific cards I should be after that would significantly increase my damages? Obviously Athena isn’t available any longer.

Also is there a strategy as to when to fire off special powers? Ie if ares is charged do I want to wait to use it until I have tibs or Grimm charged as well?

I believe ares has a power up for just his close by heros so look I to that to see where greatest benefit would be

You have a lot of great heroes, though many need powering up. Look more at the single-shots, bringing only one of Grimm/Tib/Gormek, based on Titan color. Use Ares, always. Put him center flanked by two of the color that’s strong against the Titan. Omit the color weak against the Titan, but still bring Ares even against blue. Fill the other slots with the heroes who can do the most damage against one target, e.g. Caedmon, Sonya, Scarlett.

You should begin work on Magni; he’s great on titans.


Kerridoc, that’s a great idea, doubling up and placing those next to ares. I just started on magni. I guess I will work on him and then doubling up on each color. I’m just not sure yet if we’re talking major gains with this approach or 5-10%.

I’m thinking i dont want to fire off ares unless there’s also a Titan defense debuff that’s active?

Ideally, you’d fire the defense debuff, Fire Ares, then launch the flanking specials. But the tiles don’t always fall that way. As a general matter, I’d just fire off Ares as soon as he is available. Remember that Ares’ attack/crit buff also helps the tiles, not just specials (which is why you should put the strong colors on his flanks, so that the buff stacks with the elemental strength).

Thanks, I didn’t realize it buffed the tiles as well.

To just add in - specials that do pure damage (no attack/defense/blind/etc. debuff) are overrated on titans in my opinion - I focus on tile damage. So I choose a maxed skittle over Caedmon, which is doubly helpful on 7* titans with the attack power debuff. That + turtle banner reduces the attack (which two hit kills maxed level 70’s in some cases) by >50%. It’s also why I use Sabina instead of a 5* level 70 like Dormitia - her almost 700 attack is worth it, and the healing is super helpful as well.

Also - while 9/10 times I do practice the process of taking out the weak color vs. the titan, I do make exceptions. I am using Wu Kong on a yellow 7* right now. You also saw Wu usage on the event which reflected yellow, so don’t be afraid to go against the grain a bit if it makes sense.

Just my .02.

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So I want to revisit this topic, I have shifted from direct damage attackers over to buff/debuff types, but I am really have extremely poor luck or just don’t know how to use this approach properly. I admit I have had two or three attacks (out of dozens) that have done more than my direct damage team (my record with direct damage was 37k, my new record is 46k) but for the most part I’m averaging 15-20K damage now instead of the 20-30k I was doing with direct damage.

I’ve been using Wu Kong and Ares 100% of the time regardless of titan color, also stacking with Boldtusk, in the case of a green titan I’ll use Ares and BT (and have tried adding Gormek as well), I’ll bring either Grimm or Tiburtus. I usually will enhance with a dragon banner as well. I don’t generally have an issue with dying, so I don’t bring along any healers (we are facing 7* titans primarily, only seen one 8 and we get the occasional 6)

I’m not sure why I’m doing so poorly but here’s my updated list and I’d love some additional advice.

joon - 4/11
Ares - 3/70
Magni - 4/5
zeline - 3/62
Wu Kong - max
boldtusk - max
tiburtus - max
caedmon - max
gormek - max
sonya - max
chao - max
grimm - max
scarlett - max

horghall 2/60
skittleskull 3/60
li xiu 2/44

thorne x2
hu tao
sir lancelot
little john

The thing about healers like Sabina and Melendor, even if you don’t need the healing, their attack stat is pretty high so get good tile damage. And Kiril is basically a heal + dragon banner.

I’m curious what the cookie cutter Titan team is for most people at the intermediate titan level and higher. My alliance is on 7* and 8* titans and I put out good damage but I just want to make sure I’m maximizing my potential.

My roster isn’t spectacular but I have Wu and Wilbur and I have enough maxed 4*/5* heroes to go 4-5 deep in any color (comfortably fighting in diamond). My current titan team is always 4+Wu (i.e. 4 purple + Wu against yellow titan). I never really thought much about the ideal build but would be curious to get some advice and hear what others use. Do most people run Wilbur + Wu + 3?

Thanks for your feedback!

Attack buff hero, like Kiril, Boldtusk, etc.

Defense debuff, which you already have Wilbur for.

Elemental defense debuff, like Jackal, Panther, Evelyn, Frida, or Falcon.

Someone with high attack stat in strong color against the Titan.

Wu, which you already have.

That’s pretty much the cookie cutter approach I use

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