Intermediate Alliance looking for some members

Swarovski is looking to take on a couple new members. We are a great fit for those who want to participate and feel ready to challenge themselves with some harder titans and wars.

We are currently on 7* and 8* titans and competitive with wars. I think with a couple solid new members we can be very comfortable at 8* titans and maybe move up to 9*. Most members are mid-30 level range or higher, 3500+ TP, and diamond/platinum raid level. Check us out!

Picked up one strong new member, 4 spots still open. We just got a 7* rare Dragon Rooster :slightly_smiling_face:

Hi all - I just wanted to plug the alliance that I’m in again (Swarovski) in case anybody is looking around. It’s a great intermediate alliance for people who want to move up to harder titans and improve their loot rolls. We are now very comfortable with 8* titans but could use another couple members to reliably kill all the 9*s. We have room for at least 2 more.

I, like many other people, was complacent in the first Alliance I joined when I started this game but I can promise you that moving up will enhance the game for you and this is a great place to start. Thanks for your consideration!

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