Interesting War Strategy

So this is the 2nd time I’ve seen this type of opponent war strategy and we lost both times by a lot. The opponent waits til they all have 6 flags and not really attacking til then. Then at a specific set time, all of them attack. I saw by doing this, they also flipped us multiple times. Looks like this is very effective.

In general it seems to work, but that also relies on very high level coordination between the alliance. It can be done, but it has a few weaknesses including alliances’ global presence and relying on clockwork attacks. My alliance is not at this level yet, but in general if you can get an alliance at this level they are a real force to be reckoned with even if they aren’t top 100.

Good luck to you and your alliance in future wars.

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I agree. It can certainly be a winning strategy for alliances with all their players in a similar time zone, great means of communication and dedication to their strategy. Kudos to those alliances who use it successfully. They are worthy opponents indeed!

On the other hand, we’ve fought more loosely coordinated alliances who’ve tried this strategy and they’ve lost badly to us. Their lights would come on in the first round - they wouldn’t fight - we’d clear their board once, perhaps twice, using their timers and coordinating attacks.

You could literally feel their frustration as they watched our weaker teams just sitting there, no timers re-setting, not being “allowed” to fight, watching us gain 2000+ points on them.

We then start placing bets on how many of their players will leave their alliance - it’s always at least one but we’ve seen up to three after they’ve lost.

Our alliance prefers a more spontaneous strategy. When we get to clear their board it’s unexpected and exciting. Perhaps one day we’ll adjust our strategy but for now our wars continue to be fun, not rigid and controlled.

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That usually implied a great level of coordination and strategy, and thats why you lose by far.

It’s not the 6 hit togheter that works, rather then that alliance probably talk before and after seeing your defences, and know exactly who attack who.

Having a single specific time attack allow that alliance to organize only once for every war.
More easy if you want coordination for attacks.


Thank you for the context. Often times, in this game and other arenas, we look at simply the surface level strategy, which in this case, attack at the same time when you have 6 flags. I really appreciate that you provided the “how” as well.

Analyzing the teams, having a coordinated and continuous dialogue, in addition to all attacking at the same time, were key ingredients to victory.

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As long as people understand TZ and are willing to coordinate to get optimal times for most, it isnt that hard to coordinate. And if you hace basic rules for attack, it doesnt take that much coordination in how or who to attack. And the strategy can be very effective.

7DF used this strategy once to good effect, but it did require a lot of coordination. We have members from Russia to US west coast, so finding a time when 29 of us could hit together took some work (#30 just hit when he was available.)

This strategy doesn’t have any intrinsic benefit besides excellent communication during the blitz. We used it against a relatively weak opponent and won handily—though they left a lot of unused flags, so perhaps his blitz strategy has some beneficial demoralizing effect on the foe.

Formour toughest wars, the best strategy still seems to be selective farming of the weakest teams. (BTW “weakest” neednt be “low value”.)


Our defeated opponent who just used this strategy has lost three members. Each of them used all their flags so I’m assuming they left voluntarily.

I recommend that if you plan on using this time coordination strategy, be very careful to make sure all your members are onboard with it, and understand the potential risks.

Exactly, Ker. There are a lot of strategies, but all of them need to include killing the weakest teams at least 4 times. However you choose to do that is basically up to you. But if your huge blitz all strategy stalls out on the third reset, when you could have selectively picked off the lower strength teams early in the war? You’ll probably not be as successful.


I have yet to see the all out at the end, but our last war opponent took out 6 of our teams. Waited the 6 hours and took out the same 6-8. Waited again and when we spawned the 3rd time they went all in and came roaring back to win by about 200. Its a very solid strat and lets 16-20 people get easier kills with weaker heroes defeating our weakest teams. Then at the end they flip the board a few times+


That’s the way to do it. Pick off the easiest defenses, and then wait for them to respawn. Rinse and repeat. Then go balls to the walls after that final respawn.


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