Interesting Quests Weekly & some quest ideas

It’s been a good while since an interesting quest popped up. It feels really stagnant. I think giving something more exciting at least once per week would incentivize people to do the quests and enjoy it. The average quests are barely worth doing (or straight out a loss of movement points). When there’s nothing fun happening in the game it gets boring and that’s no good for players or developers (cause bored players go away).

There’s plenty of options to create some more fun quests with reasonable rewards - meaning cool enough to want them, but not so much that they would cost SG anything much.

With the arrival of challenge events, which I think are a great idea and really give a reason to build up a stash of items and various hero teams over the month, battle items have risen in value even to players who don’t really mess with titans much or don’t want to climb the story mode (which really isn’t worth a pinch of salt, either, the completion gives absolutely nothing [which is really lame by the way :P]).

So how about a series of quests that reward those?


Quest A, fighting a few dragon bosses rising in strength. Rewards for tiers:

  • 1 axe attack
  • 1 dragon banner
  • 1 dragon attack

Quest B, people on higher levels say they’re often short of antidotes, so maybe a more difficult spider-oriented quest:

  • 5 healing potions
  • 5 antidotes
  • 2 super antidotes

Quest C & D, how about something focused on healing/mana potions? I think such theme could help these stand out from the simple “find battle items”:

  • 3 minor mana/3 minor health potions
  • 3 mana/3 health potions
  • 1 super mana/1 super health potion

Quest E, army-looking dudes, let’s go for some banners:

  • 2 turtle banners
  • 2 bear banners
  • 1 dragon banner

Quest F, a difficult and rare battle items quest, last part for high-end teams like say Morlovia’s ending:

  • 1 revive scroll
  • 1 tornado
  • 1 time stop
  • 1 miracle scroll

Quest G, a hulk smash quest:

  • 2 arrow attack
  • 2 axe attack
  • 2 bomb attack
  • 1 dragon attack

I’d be excited to see any of these pop up and I’d jump right into them whereas when I see another gather hardwood lumber or iron I can’t even take I just go “meh again? snoooooooooze”.

Next how about a quest I, a hero catch-up quest:

  • 15k food
  • 10 practice swords
  • 10 adventurers kits
  • 2 silver tokens

The recruits II quest sometimes gives a troop token, so how about a rare difficult quest that would outright say it might? For instance, quest J, ending on high difficulty:

  • 1 silver token
  • 1 troop token
  • 1 golden token

If it didn’t pop up often it wouldn’t be bad money-wise seeing how it usually gives garbage anyway lol, but it would sure be a joy to see for the players.

And then of course a rare and difficult flask quest:

  • 1 world energy flask
  • 1 raid flask
  • 1 alliance flask

Setting a bunch of these quests to have difficult final levels (or all levels) could provide some refreshing challenge to players who have lost interest in the beginner quests ages ago. I for sure would welcome the diversity and if the rarity was adjusted properly I think these would not really mess with the game’s balance.


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