Interesting glitch

while attacking an opponent, I used mrs. North to heal all of my characters and upon doing so it went into a defeat. I had plenty of time left And hadn’t even gotten to the 5-minute timer yet. Something is rotten in Denmark.

Very strange.

Could be DoT? Anyone poisoned or on fire?

Did they have Hansel, Gretel or Merlin? They cause damage around mana charging.

Just thinking of possibilities.


A bit off-topic:

This actually sounds like an interesting idea for a new special skill: inflicting an “Undead” status that causes healing to decrease HP rather than increase it.


Their team had a strength Less Than 3993 and low troop numbers. They had Magni who was dead, Aeron, boldtusk, kiril, and kadilen.

I don’t think it wouldn’t work… nobody would use healers on defense anymore… On attack you could delay healing until the effect goes away, but on defense healers would be devastating for their own teams… it would break the game.

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