Interesting ghost/fiend/minion interaction(potential bug?)

It is frigg…i can see too but cant see did tiles removed it or it was last turn

I have lepiota max +10…want also explenation for this too…it should not be like that

Much appreciated. I am definitely waiting to hear back before I ascend her. I would, also, love to know if the mechanics are working as intended or if this is something that will be fixed. If it is working as intended then the whole “ghost” skill seems kind of useless as an attack skill and appears to actually benefit the enemy more than anything else with the current direction of the game with so many minion heroes


Uhg. I ascended her and she currently has emblems. I pulled her in the first few minutes that Underwild opened and was super excited. So I immediately went to work on her. If her special is working as intended I’m very very disappointed.


Thank you for the reports. We are investigating this here!


Thanks Petri. Super interested to hear the Devs respond on how ghosting and minions work or don’t work together.

Thank you for the communication, Petri. We look forward to your future responses. :slight_smile:

Don’t forget about us Petri! :slight_smile:

Glad to see a response here, hope this is recognized as a known issue to be resolved, I am waiting to ascend her until we receive word.

I’m just replying to this every day to make sure that @Petri doesn’t forget to follow up with the devs response. I’m interested to hear the response to how ghost mechanics is supposed to work and how it will work with minion heroes.


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