Interesting Futility

Limit Breaking and Emblems have created an unusual situation: summoning is less attractive than I think SGG wants it to be.

Example: I got lucky during the spring season and got Costume Killhare although I had only 8 tokens. She’s pretty good, and I maxed her quickly, but now she’s at 814. That would have been great two years ago, but now I’ve been slowly working on other purples, and she’s basically not that useful for me. I have cDomitia at 945, cQuintus at 893, Clarissa up to 867 Santana up to 857, and Lepiota up to 856. That is, I have five purples with higher stats, and that’s leaving cRigard out of the lineup, although I usually take him on raids.

Even a lightning strike like Killhare doesn’t really help me, aside from rare cases when the the class comes into play, like Trials or Towers. (I guess she’d be good in war but I have opted out of that.) It takes so long to get emblems or limit break items that Killhare won’t catch up with my other purples for years.

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The power score shouldn’t be taken as any indication of how a hero is.

It’s just not a useful comparison tool in the slightest


Ched is absolutely right!
Compare Quintus with your Killhare:
Quintus deals 270% damage and is slow mana, Killhares costume deals 330% damage and is average!
Even if the stats of Quintus are slightly higher due to emblems and limit break, Killhare will make more damage faster.
If you want to grow in the game and participate in all aspects, you should reconsider your opt out of wars. You can get limit breaker materials from war loot and war chests. What use is it to have 30+ good heroes if you dont use them in wars?
Most of the players who summon a lot are active in wars.
If the problem in wars is with your alliance, maybe you have to look for an alliance who is more in line with your own expectations.

Happy gaming

Not to mention all the heroes you mentioned having higher power than Killhare are, in truth, crap
Edit: exception Lepiota

I’ll accept that Quintus isn’t great - but I disagree that the others are not good. Clarissa is like a purple Gravemaker and Sartana is fast and hits hard. Compared to the OP recent heroes, of course they’re not cutting edge, but now that I’ve slowly improved them, they are good enough to win in raids against anyone, unless the purple tiles are absent. Their stats:

                       A           D           HP

cKillhare(0) 742 793 1486

cDomitia(20) 938 839 1710
Clarissa(19) 799 802 1516
Sartana(20) 826 736 1495
Lepiota (10) 795 832 1435

Put in a healer, and it will be hard for cKillhare to crack the top 5 for a very long time.

As for war, horses for courses. I’ve been playing for years and I find wars make me very anxious. I hate losing more than I like winning. And I don’t need mats anymore - I have a huge backlog of almost everything needed to level up heroes.

I agree, I too have lost interest in summoning I have five 5*s at 19-20 emblems in each colour, with 1 in each (2 blue) limit broken.

Even with the power creep, a new hero will not make much impact to my roster at the level I choose (and enjoy) to play at and 6+ months to emblem and limit break, at which point admittedly they’d start to be better, except by then the meta would’ve moved on significantly.

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Roughly 70% of what constitues a hero is their speed/special (and passives). 30% is stats, although that weighting shifts someonewhat for more dedicated damage dealers.

If you play mono then it matters a lot less what heroes you substitue in there. Don’t get me wrong, it still matters - but the strong tile damage means there is less of a reliance on sklils.

That said, it doesn’t take nearly as long or with as much effort to max a hero as you make it out to be. Emblems can be easily swapped over from one hero to another, and that is part of the management aspect of this game. I have had a hero up to 20 emblems, fully stripped them, and grown them back to 20 emblems before, with my roster needs at the time driving those decisions. You don’t NEED to LB a hero. Your Killhare max emblemed will be better than CDomitia, Clarissa, Sartana even if those are LBd and/or have better stats. Her special is just that much better even if you don’t have her stats up as high. With your parrticular roster it probably does make sense to LB her because a strong hit all hero will get more benefit from LBing than most other heroes.

Your roster, your choice. But upgrading heroes and replacing older heroes is all part of the game, and in your scenario there is a very strong use case for doing that with Killhare.


It all depends on the special.

I personally did pull C Killhare… and she won’t make much difference to my roster because I don’t really use/need strong hitters. So she won’t get levelled.

However if I got a hero with a unique special (e.g. next month’s HOTM, as I don’t have a taunter outside of Shrubby) I would absolutely get benefit from maxing them. Hulda, many of the S5 heroes, W3K heroes, upcoming gargoyle heroes have skills that will have a positive impact on my roster

I’m using Hel, she’s bloody effective all around even if not given a costume so far. Don’t care at all if her power points are the half of last S5 purple guy’s, her special is far beyond.

This is how I tend to appraise heroes.

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As karma for Killhare’s high damage,
she has an “Effect 2
All allies except the caster get -20% defence for 3 turns. This effect can’t be dispelled.”

But we can also note that,

would all have come, like Killhare, from a summons, and Gimliv quite right to refer back to Quintus.

The comparison in the thread might better be between:
cDomitia, cQuintus, Clarissa, Lepiota and Killhare
Sartana (who’s admittedly pretty good).

Agree with everyone here about how the OP would still benefit from cKillhare, but OP still has a point about how the time and cost involved in “maxing” a hero makes summoning for new ones unappealing, especially if you’re not a high spender and never buy food crates or trainer heroes.

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There are obviously diminishing returns on summoning. You would eventually reach a point where it really didn’t benefit you to summon enough to make it worth your time. The game goes in stages. You’re late in the game and are still thinking of it the same way you did when you were building your team. You’re getting by that now. Now you have to focus on using what you have more effectively.

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Hey Folks!

I kinda deserved to get flamed for my OP but these replies were generally very nice. Good points all around - maybe I’ll strip my +20 LB Fenrir (who is much maligned on this forum but who is still pretty good, at least for me) and take cKillhare up to +20, just to see what she’s like. Why not? It’s just food, which is free.

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Is it just me that thinks Killhare normal’s skill is actually in many cases quite positive? I have her costume and if you get hit by a defence debuffer, say to 34% or more, and fire Killhare it’s almost a cleanse lol :slight_smile:

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It would certainly be far worse to be on the side of the hit than the side of the hitter.

While many lesser hitters also lack the friendly fire effect, Killhare’s package is still awesome. You just wouldn’t want her to get cleansed by hitting a counterattacker so as to leave allies with th -20 defence.

I guess I could just test this myself, but if she has the attack down penalty and then Rigard fires, does he replace her attack down with attack up?

[Stopped being lazy and tested it myself - no, Rigard does not cleanse the attack down.]

Do it like yesterday! It’s a no brainer. Killhare does to everyone what Fenrir does to one.

Uncleansable ailments can only be removed by Gazelle or blocked by ailment immunity. Jean-François can also turn uncleansable defense down into defense up.

Such an amazingly wrong thing to say, there are no crap cards in my eyes, all can be used for something.

Tournaments, towers, tol and more

You got that right! All can be used for something. And that something is Soul Exchange as the best option available