Interesting find in the wild—Rabbit heroes


I leave the honor to Rook :face_with_monocle:

“Kill da wabbit, kill da wabbit, kill da wabbiiiiit!” :grin:

Yep, the Easter rabbit collection rears it’s head again


I tried to get him to fire his special, just to see what would happen, but I got one of those lucky gem cascades and the battle was over in seconds. I’m just surprised someone put in the grind to max him out.

He was before my time. Nice specimen! I like the look of the red one best.

The wabbits were before my time as well, but I have gone up against a few in raids. Their not bad really, I underestimated the green one and almost paid for it. :shushing_face:


His attack stat is the highest for a 3*. Coupled with his fast mana he could definitely oneshot KO a hero before being killed in turn.

Honestly, i gladly ascend Lepus over Richard/Thorne/Perseus if i have it.

Badass rabbit it’s so cool.

I totally agree, they might not be the toughest heroes out there, but once I hit an ascension wall I would definitely take the time to max the bunny out before going after one of those

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Found this rare rabbit today too! I got smoked in this raid but I had to try.

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here’s the last one…

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Do these rabbits come up every Easter event?

E&P has only been around for about a year and a half. They were here last year and now they’re here again. So far, yes.

Edit- I suppose I can spill the beans if you haven’t already heard there was an Easter Event next month. Petri confirmed it in Peer Support before it’s been testing on Beta.

Did he happen to say what beta testers can let slip lol.

There have been cases I read of where things like whether the heroes remain the same identity or if a new rabbit has popped out of his hole.

Understand nerfs/buffs are possible but only after beta is through.

He released that information In-Game, in a global chat. So it’s safe to say it was public knowledge that the event was coming again.

I won’t be saying anything else lol.

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I would love this special effect:

A wabbit gnawing a carrot, then shouting What’s up doc and then a rain of carrot parts flying to the opponent :slight_smile:


Was stated they would be improved and that is true on beta at least: the two higher level rabbits got buffs (Jack / Lepus)

Actually substantially better than before now, and unlikely to get nerfed as they’re still widely derided for having that self armor debuff.

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I still can’t believe rabbits were nerfed this past summer when they made negative effects undispellable

Lepus needs some downside now otherwise he’s probably better than Magni which I’ve so been informed on the beta forums can’t possibly be done :roll_eyes:

I haven’t tested him on beta yet but he’s going to hit damned hard just looking at him on paper.

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He would require 8 Elmer Fudd red hunting caps for ascension