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I have only been with one alliance in 10 months of playing so fairly loyal. I’m 42nd level, defense team around 3900 (varies a bit when switching around). I have 6 maximized 5 star heroes and hover around 2300 trophies. Think missed 2 battles (opted out) and 1 titan when on vacation. I play this game way too much. I don’t spend much, maybe $30 US a month at the most.

I’m look for an English speaking team that likes to reliably win by fighting titans and wars using all energy and flags. I’ve only faced a 8* titan but think with powerful team I can get more. I tend to score about 120,000 on titans without extra attacks and in wars around 350 points.

You can reach me on LINE @Rogarz


We are currently full but do have a waiting list. We do get openings when some players get too busy with life or various things and need to step out for a bit. Currently fighting 10 to 12*titans. All war flag’s used 99% of the time. It’s a great group of people that I will never leave. If you’re not in a super rush we also invite you to join LINE and participate to get an idea of what we’re all about. Contact @zephyr1 or @ProfLoki if at all interested. The Pirate Horde


Rising Dawn has a vacancy for a mature, active player. Check out our recruitment thread

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Hi. We are currently looking to recruit new members for our alliance (Holy Wolves). We are English speaking and a mix of experienced and mid range players. We have 2 basic rules and they are to hit the Titan as a priority when you log on, and if you opt into war, then use all 6 flags. We are competitive and we do have fun. Currently hitting 9* Titan and doing well in war. We are a friendly group of people who respect each other and provide help and support when needed. We use chat and have the option of both Line and Facebook if interested. Come take a look, you won’t be disappointed

We just needed to boot a guy for no activity. You’re invited to join us at #warcry#
we’re a great team very vocal and full of fun

Join Helios.

We hit 11/12* titans (even a 13* time to time)
Have a great, motivated and coordinated team, plus a very understanding crew if life comes up.

Edit: could not locate you on Line. add me @ justf$ckenpeachy ($= u)

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Come join the Ice Cream Party!

Do you want to drizzle your Ice Cream with the blood of your enemies and sprinkle it with their tears?

Well then we’ve got the Alliance for you. We are a fun, no drama alliance of serious players. We are currently hitting 8-9 level Titans with only 20 hard hitting members.

You must use all War hits, not miss Titans and we require 1800+ trophies.

Came join us!!! @Heavenly Spirit World
We are FAMILY!!!

Your alliance looks about my level. I promised current alliance would help them finish the titan that just spawned and then I will join.

Until you do, maybe you’ll take the time to check Ithilien Alliance. Might be a good match for you. We have two vacant seats and a level 42 would be a great addition.


It’s not pulling you up on Line, but I’d love to talk to you about joining the Crew family. We have wonderful Alliances for every level. Message me on line (WhenWeCollide) and let’s see if we can get you in with us!


Sounds good man look forward to see you!

I just wanted to toss in my hat as well. We are a very chatty group, all english except one Japanese player who just joined and I am using google translate to work with them. We range from level 8-50 and are currently on a 7-8 titan. We use Discord to chat outside the game and also as an information bank, however it’s NOT mandatory.

Thanks - VioletPancake

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I think you’d fit right in with us, Elite Militia. We have a Facebook group and we use line a little. If you’re still looking. :slightly_smiling_face: We’ve got a great team and there are a few of us that’s been together from the start, over a year.Hope you find your home.



I’d encourage you to chat with @WhenWeCollide about opportunities within Crew. It’s a great place to be, but I may be biased. :wink:

Hello there ! Hellas only is my alliance we are small team but we are 100% active join us and we will find more members to rise together

We’re fighting 9-10* Titan and 95% we win our war :slight_smile:
We are not alliance, we’re 1 big happy family :purple_heart:

Reach me on Line: kirei_onnanohito

See you soon

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