Interalliance tournaments

I would love to see an interalliance tounamaent. Each player in the alliance is worth 1 to 30 points based on the number of trophies they have at the beginning of the tournament. You battle up to 5 players in your alliance per day. The player with the most points at the end of 6 days wins. The tounamet should start over every Monday and end on Saturday. The winner gets 30 gems 25 Atlantis tokens an epic hero summon and a 4star ascension item. 2nd place gets 10 gems 10 Atlantis tokens a 3star ascension item and an epic troop summon. 3rd place gets 5gems 5 Atlantis tokens and an epic troop summon. 4th and 5th place get 3 gems 3 Atlantis tokens and a daily summon. 6 to 15 get 1 gem a backpack and a practice sword. 15 to 30 get a backpack and a practice sword. The champion should also get a star or something for each tournament to show everyone how many tournaments they have won.

NOPE you know the rest

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Hey it was worth a shot

Glad they dinally went through with some sort of tournament

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It would be fun even for zero rewards