Inter-alliance trade with a 45 day lock on remaining in your respective alliance

To further activity within an alliance and maintain membership especially after completing "season 1 " – there is very little incentive to remain in the game … right now there is no progress after season 1 is completed. BY introducing intra-alliance trade and a lock-in to that alliance for 45 days, There would be no “trade and run” but would promote teamwork, cooperation and alliance strategizing. This would increase alliance participation and ultimately the buying of materials within the game itself.
I hope you give this idea more than a passing glance.

      Thank You....
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Our alliance is interested in sharing materials with each other.

I think that’s a great idea to be able to send and share asscention items and troops and heros with your fellow family members!

Cool, so do 27 other players. What do we need to do to make it happen.

Never going to happend

Yeah, well I would prefer to try.

If you never ask you will never have the chance to try

I like this idea but similar to in game trading among players, I fear SGG won’t budge on this and I do agree concerning opportunities for abuse.

I just proposed something that might be more acceptable because we have trade in for emblems so why not allow trading in used ascension materials to use on a different hero?

See link, post your thoughts thanks.