INSURRECTIONISTS KNIGHTS are recruiting. Only 3 spots open

The Insurrectionists Knights are recruiting. We recently had 3 spots open and we are hoping to fill quickly. We are a competitive alliance and were in the top 400 prior to our members having to leave due to RL. We are looking for new members that have a defense team of 4500 or more and 6 well developed war teams. Our opponents on the battle field are primarily 4600+. We expect war participation and will boot for non-use of war flags. We have a developed strategy that consists of attacking multiple defined targets in 2 phases and then free for all to finish out. We win roughly 2/3 of our wars.
Currently we are fighting 12* titans but once we fill back up we will be right back to 13* and 14* rare titans. We expect everyone to hit titan as many times as possible. We don’t set or enforce limits, everyone just does their part. We have placed top 1000 on all Mythic Titans to date.
We use discord to communicate outside of the game but it is not required to join, but is a great source of information if you would like to. Our alliance has zero drama and all are dedicated to the game. If you want to join please let me know

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