Instructor's chance on daily summons

Seriously: who can spend 150 :gem: to this summon, only to find 1 and 2* heroes or troops… Make it better!

Why are you wasting gems on daily summons? You get those for free


I have to be honest.
I am sick and tired of always getting the same heroes in the daily summons… just take out the ones no on will ever get!!

All I get is 1 * !!! If I’m lucky I might get a 2* ?
This is ridiculous. I’ve been playing for awhile now. It would be nice if I got something different for a change. I get it’s a:chance summon" but really… what the hell is the chance rate if I’m always getting the same hero?!.

Read the post… I’d never spend for daily summons…
But they have a chance to do it better… It’s boring to find that prices every time…

Daily summons is mostly for leveling up heros, don’t expect anything good from them which why they are free daily, your complaining about nothing.