Instead of NERF KALO, DO THIS!

Instead of nerfing Kalo that people paid real money for, SGG should remove the hero entirely from the game and compensate every Kalo owner with 1 Epic Hero token. People paid serious money its only fair they get something back.

  • Take Kalo back, give me 1 EHT
  • Take Kalo back, you can shove EHT up -

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Seriously an Epic Token and pull The Mighty Bane after using gems doing a 10 pull you want me to be happy with a token.


One EHT is not enough. Amount spent varies.

SGG needs to compensate at least 1x 10 pull. 3000 gems. Or offer hero in exchange.


Do you really prefer 1 EHT which will most likely give you 3* hero over still incredible strong 4*? :joy:


An EHT would be extremely insulting.


yes I agree, at least give us 10 EHT for 1 Kalo.

TBH even with the nerf I would rather have Kalo, than an EHT that will probably give me Graymane # 2587… even nerfed Kalo will still have better stats than most older 4* heroes…


Take the 3000 gems. Why take EHT which is limited to seasonal events ? Gems are multi-purpose.



I’m still going to be using Kalo. But then I fully expected a nerf. The change to V.Slow is not as bad as I feared. I’ll still get good play out of him.

But hey, let’s all throw massive tantrums again.

Just like every other rebalance that’s was obviously coming….

And yes I’ve been hit by the majority of them. And no I’m going to get annoyed about it.

Life goes on.


SGG should provide a monetary refund to all players that used gems during the time period the gate was open at the highest exchange rate for those gems.
Then retrain, reassign or terminate the executive in charge of allowing Kalo to drop as happened. And establish an improved hero development protocol to prevent broken heroes from ever getting into summoning gates.


@Cheds another Cheds/Sleepy agreement for the books :stuck_out_tongue: TBH after the roller-coaster of last year I’ve also stopped overly-caring about things in this game, I do see why some players are annoyed but after the 5th time or so these nerfs and rebalances become par for the course :wink:

even with the proposed nerfs Kalo will still be a relatively good hero anyway


The only acceptable solution is to remove KALO and give everyone a free KOALA



Kalo with the nerf is still the same for Rush torunaments (actually it is buffed there).
So if Staff wants to give something, then they should implement a reverse limit break token, and give one of that and one reset emblem, and that’s all.


Pretty sure I mentioned this in the other kalo thread but I think most of us saw this coming. I still leveled him and have no regrets. I will just keep him and find a useful place instead of a consolation and nerf my spending instead.



Anyone who is suprised by a kalo nerf hasnt been playing long.

Hes extremely broken and anyone playing for any amount of time knew he would not last as is, so leveling hom, embleming and LB him was a choice made knowing it would’nt last.


Let’s put the blame where it firmly belongs and not on players.

And what’s wrong with compensating players who pulled/maxed him, in my mind it’s a dirty trick which seems to be happening more often now.

And if people ask for compensation so be it with no detriment to anyone


I don’t have Kalo. But I would take the koala!

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Read your post and sat and thought a while.
Doubt it’s going to happen.
But then it suddenly came to me …
I would give my Kalo up for just one Unicorn :unicorn:
Now what do you think my chances are?
Just saying … :wink:

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Enough bait and switch already :frowning:


Is that a new hero card? Pegasus the Unicorn ?

Speed: VF

Charge 1 : Healing Wings
Heal boost 600 for all allies
Remove all ailments
All allies have ailment immunity for 3 turns

Charge 2 : Thunderous Wings
Removes all buffs from all enemies
Defence down 44% to all enemies
Deals 380% damage to all enemies