Instead of Limit Breakers, I suggest this

SG: Why invents such complicate system to improve the hero you already have? I have an easy answer for you, which I think that it will keep everyone happy! Why don’t we give players a little more freedom to break their hero limit using their duplicates.
For example, if you feed the same unleveled 5* hero, the fully level 5* hero will gain 10 points on total power and the player can decide how you want to distribute the points to attack, defense and health. The similar idea can be applied to 4* and 3* heroes.

Any thoughts on this?

Nah, then only the whales will be able to break the ultra rare heroes that others were lucky to get one copy of.


I made that suggestion before, though not an original post in a thread somewhere here. It would address issues on multiple copies of the same hero.

It may solve one problem of allowing players to achieve something meaningful with their duplicate heroes.
However, it won’t generate any income for SG so they are very unlikely to run with it.


I think that it will encourage player to summon more because they can always use the duplicates to improve their roster. It should be a win-win for both.

Why not? People would keep throwing $ at the ninja portal even having all of them… same for Valhalla… any other portal really. People with OCD & huge wallet will have race about how many copies of Frigg they ate etc.

Though for the game, that would be terrible. Any idea that converts duplicates into power creep would really be terrible. We can forget about any balance in the game ever again the moment it happens. And everyone but whales would be melted.


My personal view was that it wouldn’t generate (additional) income for SG on top of the £/$ etc that players will continue to throw at the ninja portal, Valhalla portal, circus portal etc as you have said.

And again my personal view from what I see currently being developed and launched in the game. … it’s all about increased revenue generation rather that QOL.

If they can introduce a complicated system to increase the power of the hero a player already has in their roster and generate income at the same time … I personally don’t think that SG will give away the opportunity for players to use duplicates to increase the power of an existing hero.

I might be wrong let’s see what comes out of the Q&A stuff and the promised QOL stuff mentioned in the sneak peak

Fingers crossed for everyone

I like the game how it is now!

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The idea certainly sounds interesting.

maybe this idea will pass but only if this will be charged 1000 or 2000 gems per leve as game want to gain many and force to use and buy gems.

I would need to really see limit breaks to understand that because imo. This is just another form of powering up a hero.
The current game I’m playing has like 4 to 5 different ways to power up a hero. It has regular level up, it has ascension, it has equipment, it equipment enhancements, it has advance leveling. Skill customisations,
skill level ups. they even solved their dupe problems since day 1. The reason why the leveling system is not a complicated mess, it’s not centered around raids as all game modes are quite balanced and fleshed out

(!) i am currently playing another game with a similar system, so i have some experience with this.

if such a system is implemented, there still needs a way for F2P people to obtain such items.

there should also be a limit to the number of times a hero can be improved.

(?) maybe put this topic under suggestions. it looks like it could be a cool mechanic if implemented well.

I would hate to see this idea implemented, it will only make the gap between F2P and P2P becomes larger drastically. Limit breaker is far better.

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Instead of Limit Breakers, I suggest this - make global FREE rebalance for ALL heroes in the game … and make it periodical (one per half of year for example)


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