Instead of King treasure offer, how about a peasant treasure offer?

I gotten king treasure and ancient treasure offer for $99.99. I am not going to buy those. How about a peasant treasure offer instead?

You know stuff that a peasant would want, something shiny, some food and drinks.
200 gems, 20,000 food and 2 WE flask for $.20
2000 gems, 200,000 food and 2 WE flask for $2


Hey we had an offer like that last year…i know you recall how that went lol

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The only similar offer I remember hearing about was when they have people who haven’t logged in for a while a crazy good offer. I would be mad too if that were the case, but here I am hoping everyone would hey the peasant offer once or twice a year.

Tempt people who wouldn’t spend otherwise and give us super cheap spender a change at something.

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I need about 3000 gems to pull a 30x on Atlantis. Does the 19.99 current offer good value. The 99.99 is not an option for me

Yeah, like I said I would be mad too if some people got it and I didn’t. Great if everyone got the offer once or twice a year

It is a “good offer” in the sense that it is a better price than the best shop price for gems. It’s 0.87 cents per gem, and anything under a penny a gem is decent. The AM are also gravy on top.

The offers we get now aren’t good enough?

I’ve seen unfarmable mats as low as 5 bucks

I could see replacing a few things in the $20 to $30 offers with hams

I am not looking for mats, I am looking for gems. If you not a big spender and played for a while, you can get mats. But getting certain heroes are next to impossible.

How many gem specials did you buy in spring, summer, October and december? And every month during events and atlantis?

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Like I said, I play on the cheap side. Not going to spend $20 to just get 7-8% chance at a event 5* or hotm

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I would love a peasant offer. At least twice a year, that seems like a fair deal. I’m for it and I support it.

I think we should have unlimited summons and every summon should be a 5* with a guaranteed hotm pull as well

Seriously lol gems are sold pretty cheap a couple times a month

Anyways thought this was a legitimate request with thought behind it but it’s just another “something for nothing” thread

Have fun

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@Rigs don’t forget that what is cheap for you could be not that cheap for someone else. Please respect different points of view, wallet capacities and will to spend money to get a futile thing in a mobile game.
His priority, as a low spender, is buy gems and try to get something he will never get through play and I totally understand and support it.


I guess the more detailed version of Rigs’ critique would be “why should SG consider this particular price point?” I think that’s what he was asking for in terms of putting though behind the idea.

SG has to know that they would pull in more people if they had some cheaper offers. But they still run their current set. So what’s the argument to get them to reconsider? Without that, the thread is just sort of an idle wish. And I agree with the OP. I wish they had offers that good too. I just don’t expect they’ll happen…


You guys are lucky, here is the cost in Canada

German prices:

Honestly this was meant as a joke, one of my teammate say go make a petition for a joke of mine, so I did. But there discussion because serious

I’m quite happy to buy a peasant package…but when the good low price options come around, I am broke…which isn’t SG’s fault! :grin:

So long as $1 and $5 and $20 offers are frequently on the table, I shall be a happy cat.

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