Inner Clan Rewards


Inner Clan Rewards. If a clan has 15 or more people they with be monthly inner clan rewards. like the number one player would get a epic hero token and 25 gems, and/or a 5% chance at a summon of the month. Then 2 gets a epic troop summon and 15 gems, and 3 gets a summon token and 5 gems. Then every one 6-10 get counting down from 6 4,3,2,1 gems. This will also make dropping trophies less common so lower people can grow easier, and they have easier targets. It will also give a reason to get on every day besides the Titan.


I drop cups to hit lower ranked players and I like this idea.


I like the concept in theory, but think it needs some more work though not quite sure how to address it.

The first problem is the random alliances that were formed by an established player that have basically 29 new players in it.

The second problem is even in mature alliances like 7dd, I will never, ever, be higher than Arien in cups even if I tried hard.

Ultimately this goes back to the same awkwardness of other implementations where the rich get richer and therefore more P2W; while I’m all for accelerating progression speed and doing something to alleviate the RNG crapshoot that is the modern implementation, I don’t think this particular one works.