Inner alliance raids


If we had the ability to raid our alliance members for fun and for no reward I think it would give some friendly bragging rights and help us to test out differt hero combos, not to mention create a competitive drive to continue to improve on our teams. I rarely use my raid flags unless there is a 40 hero chest I am trying to open. This would give another use to raid flags in that you could spend them for no reward but have fun against the people in your alliance. It would also create more activity within each alliance. Thanks for listening.

Alliance raids
Raid Within Alliance for Practise

This would good for strategy teaching within alliences and for new comers ( myself included lol).

What would make this even better would be to have a chat box below the game board whislt in battle as then you could discuss ehat your doing and why during the battle.

It would most certainly change game and allience AW’s a great deal making them more interesting in the long run.


Really like the idea, actually found your post cause I was about to propose something very similar.
It happens really often that when you raid someone you know he asks how hard you found his defense or if you can make a video for him to see his defense in action.
The possibility for a limited daily number of within alliance raids with no rewards and no loss would help a lot in this respect


Same, we’ve been talking about this idea in our alliance. It would really help to get feedback from alliance members to formulate strategy, especially for alliance wars!

A “training” raid of sorts.

You’ve got my vote @Eishknoff !


We could train ourself with different combinations of heroes. I would like this very much.