Initiates of XIII / The Brotherhood of XIII

Hello everyone, Greetings from The Brotherhood of XIII and The Initiates of XIII .

We are currently looking for active and new/intermediate/advanced players. We recently formed a new child alliance for newer players who might need some help and guidance. The alliance details are given below:

  • Child alliance : Initiates of XIII
  • Parent alliance : The Brotherhood of XIII

The leader of Initiates of XIII is The Kid(XIII)
The leader of The Brotherhood of XIII is Taeliothe(XIII)

It can be really frustrating sometimes for the new players to not be able to contribute in a stronger alliance and our two alliances provides the opportunity for all kinds of players. If you are on a learning curve our child alliance might suit you more and if looking for some more challenge then feel free to join our parent alliance.

We will try our best to help new members who have joined this game. The only requirement is titan hits and active participation in Alliance wars, help us grow the alliance by fighting together and winning together.

Thanks in advance