Initialization error on QEMU


This is game version 1.11.5 on the QEMU/KVM emulator (Android 7.1.2). It worked fine for 7 months. Emulators are apparently not supported by SG, so I’m out of luck. Still, any idea?

I tried without the emulator (booting Android on Intel PC), and I get the same error. It used to work, too.

For those of you using BlueStacks, does the version 1.11.5 work?

@Coppersky, any ideas?

I’m using the current Mac Bluestacks. It was only 2 days ago that it updated the game on it (I can’t trigger it). Until then I was freezing about 30 seconds in each visit. This is the first time I’ve seen this big of a delay for that.

Build 661 works!
If it had anything to do with me posting here or with the Android crash feedback, thank you very much.