Initial strenght of 2 heroes and strength after emblems

If i’m comparing 2 same class heroes before giving emblems and after giving 20 emblems (which i can’t do at the moment) would the comparison be the same?

If i make a choice to put emblems into those heroes and i choose the one that is best at that moment would he be the best after giving 20 emblems? If not my choices might differ :slight_smile:

The talent tree for a given class is fixed. The available upgrades for each hero would be the same. The degree to which those upgrades help a particular hero is dependent on the specifics of that hero.

For instance: the hero with the highest special damage % will see the biggest lift from +Attack in the tree. So a relatively low attack hero like Marjana may benefit a lot from an extra 75 pts of Attack.

Heros with very high defense and low health will benefit a lot from +Health, since the high defense makes each point of health hard to remove. 180 points of health might make a mediocre hero on defense very good.

The talents themselves play very differently with different heroes. A hero with high defense will benefit a lot more from the Paladin talent than a hero with low defense.

Etc. Etc.

I am still thankful they didn’t make Guinevere a Paladin.

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