Midnight roots are on the endangered plant list and common herbs grow like kudzu! Any tips on best way to find the dwindling population of midnight roots?


Wish I had an answer. I am doing all the places suggested and nary a one.


There’s probably a S2 level that drops these pretty well. I haven’t been looking for them, though, so I’m not sure where to start…


The S2 level suggested by alliance yielded nada. Getting high amounts of adventure kits. It will go to 0 kits soon and a few midnight roots. LOL


I get them and dragon bones in 8-7 :slight_smile:


Supposedly Province 22 of season 1, but I have gotten more from season two, Province 3-5


Provinces 12, 23 and 24. Won’t see 12 for another 3 months.


Maps et craft list

Good luck


I usually get mine from 12-9


Finally found level 8-6 that yields a fair amount of midnight roots. :smile:


This is a really awesome guide to mats