Ingolf worth leveling

Is Ingolf worth leveling now with the new biff?

Definitely. He has now arguably the strongest AoE damage among all 4* and that’s without poison that also inflicts mana slow.

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He was total poop when I maxed him for giggles as I wanted more AoE hitters. Now I am happy that I did.

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I feed him away because he was useless and now I’m crying, not gonna have him again lol. I ate Shale too, now seeing a buff coming :joy:

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The question is…is Ingolf worth limit breaking?

I honest cannot at the moment. Used 10 of my tiny purple aethers to break 2 Treevils and 2 Maeves. Very much worth it. Ingolf will have to wait until April.

It depends on how much you use him? If only for rush tourney I don’t think worth to LB, if you enjoy him in other thing it worth to consider. For me personally, I’d rather break my Lord Rigard :joy::joy::joy:

I have fed this guy away at least 3 times, the latest was during Black Friday when I pulled him. I usually hold onto heroes, but space was getting low and he sat for a long time. Too bad.

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