Ingolf needs a buff!

Should buff Ingolf or completely remove from the game… He is so useless!

100% 20 characters in length.


I agree.

Please also buff Karnov from Villans. He doesn’t need a drawback to holy allies when he is slow mana. :rofl:


Agree, Ingolf should be avarage.


Cannot recall when they buffed 4*
Anyway Ingolf is so broken, than this might be the right case.
So yea, got my vote here.

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Let’s wait for his costume so you can buy gems and pull his buff :rofl:

Whatever, Ingold is probably the major example of how heroes that doesn’t generate profit are ignored.

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Is it just me or is Ingolf the Reuben of 4*? That is, they are both immediately underwhelming since the first day of their release.

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Nah, further buff Faline instead.

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This was the version I tired in beta and still couldn’t find a purpose for him.

They cut the healing bit away from him, now that would be quite handy to have because fiends are becoming a thing.


I would kill myself if he get a buff now lol. I ate him to make room for new 3* heroes from event already :sweat_smile: :rofl:

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I am leveling him, but it doesn’t look like he’ll see a lot of use. (He does OK on autofarming, but that’s a pretty low bar.) But I’m almost finished anyway, and need to gather a couple of tabards for Dr. Moreau.

So, yeah, everyone knows Ingolf is… a bad hero. But what exactly makes him bad? Let’s check.

So here’s Ingolf’s stats:

Power Attack Defense Health
675 633 684 1268

Mana Speed


Effect 1

Deals 185% damage to the target and nearby enemies.

Effect 2

Reduces the duration of the target and nearby enemies’ buffs by 1 turn.

Effect 3

The target and nearby enemies receive corrosive poison for 3 turns. The Corrosive Poison deals 23 Poison damage and lowers the target’s mana generation by -9% each turn.

At first glance, he looks quite useful. Doing so many things! But yeah, it’s just first glance.
Let’s compare him to other 4* heroes. To avoid “power creep” discusion, let’s compare him to basic heroes from S1 you can get from Training Camp.

Let’s look at possible roles:


Ingolf’s stats aren’t great for this position. Tanks have 2 purposes: helping teammates by their special or being damage sponge. Because of slow mana, first option is bad choice. Better option will be Li Xiu, while having worse survivability stats she can actually help a lot her team cutting opponent’s mana.
Damage sponge isn’t Ingolf’s niche too. His stats aren’t focusing only on survivability. Better option for this can be Kashhrek - almost identical stats, but it’s special is faster and allows it to heal itself to stay even longer.

Damage dealer from tiles

633 attack is pretty low. That role is pretty important, especially for titans, but it’s just not enough. Let’s look for another S1 hero with slow mana who can fit this role. Colen. 728 attack is something.

Damage dealer from special

Deals 185% damage to the target and nearby enemies with 633 attack… Yeah. Quick shot: Skittleskull. 185% damage as well. With 728 attack. And she deals this damage for ALL, not just 3.
Wants to hit only 3? Tiburtus is your friend. He might just deal “minor” damage to nearbies, but with 295% for main target it means 147% for nearby. Almost same amount as Ingolf. Oh, and Tiburtus have higher attack.

DoT damage

23 poison damage each turn for 3 turns. Pathetic. Look at Colen again. 330 dmg over 6 turns. 55 each turn. Let’s move on.

Support: lower mana generation

Ingolf lowers the target’s mana generation by -9% each turn for 3 turns. Little John lowers mana generation by 64%. Also for 3 turns. All enemies, not 3 of them.

So, Ingolf tried to spread oneself too thin. He’s below average at basically everything. While new heroes being too powerful is serious problem, Ingolf hits rock bottom in different category. He’s weakier than basic heroes you can train yourself and while event characters shouldn’t be too OP, rare heroes with very low percentage to summon should be actually BETTER than basic heroes. At least a bit better. Ingolf is just worse than something you can get every day.


Well outlined. You had me with your first line.
LJ is the comparison I think of and Ingolf is just so subpar.

I’d need to see his corrosive effect tripled for me to start making the comparison. Then little John would have a higher base effect but Ingolf would hit three and have dot with an increasing mana control.

Yeah, Ingolf is clearly a hero that was meant to be “Fast”, but somebody fat fingered the keyboard and made him “Slow”.

I mean even if he was increased to Fast speed I would say he is on par with most heroes, think about how pathetic that is considering he is currently Slow.

Lot’s of heroes need buffs but Ingolf just about takes the cake.

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Interestingly I came across a limit broken Ingolf with 20 emblems, Why???

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Maybe they are foolishly optimistic about SG’s intent to balance their game… :rofl:

Even if he was fast, he would just be okay, I can only surmise that this player has no other purple 4*s to level

That would be enough IMO. Like I said, not every hero must be OP. I’m ok with Ingolf being on par with most. Just raise him from trash tier.

Must have lost a bet.

Ingolf is in serious contention for worst 4* in the game.


Unbelievable ,Small giant buff him

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