🦹‍♂️ Ingolf – 4* Dark/ Purple from League of Villains

His stats much better vs Colen.
And he slow down opponents.

Hate SG for Ingolf update. i wanna my Ingolf back!

About Myztero. Shame on You SG! Such rare hero should be SPECIAL ONE


I feel the same way, I fed away my Ingolfs and want them back too so I don’t have to summon in that portal again :frowning:

Ingolf and Sanngrior have been sitting in my vault since the first Villains event, making me a little sad every time I look at them. They are hard to get and you never know whether they might be useful in future, so I didn’t eat them. Thank goodness.

Kept one because collection, glad now I did. Next Very Fast 4* RT I will use him as a tank flanked by 2 Gullinbursties.

Lesson for this story:

Keep at least one copy of your event heroes. Except if they are named Vlad or Valeria.

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I have never seen a hero go from complete trash to almost god like in 1 buff. I don’t think any 4* AOE even hits 250% damage. And this beast hits for 280%? Like wtf


I ditched this guy because he was terrible (along with Sangrior)…now they are pretty good. Not pulling in villains anymore. Thanks SG.

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3 do - Sapphire at second and third charge (250% or 290%). Ametrine at third charge (300%). Danzaburo, if he gets his swords trick (255%). That’s all I could find though. Ingolf is definitely strong now - glad I kept mine!


Ingolf will be shining even across 5*war battles. (Both att and def)

Hey, it’s not their fault you didn’t keep them. I kept mine because… event hero innit?


I’m like a few others, I fed off 2 copies, don’t feel too smart now lol Ingolf looking good now , won’t feed him off if I’m lucky enough to get another

Same. I had two, fed one away because space. I rarely level up duplicates of 4* or 5* even if they are good. The only exception is Gullinbursti whom I fully leveled up four of, and Proteus, which I have leveled two of. But I always keep at least one event hero because collection. That being said, Ingolf stayed at 1/1 until his buff.


Has anyone finished him yet? What emblem path did you go? Please post pictures!!!:heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:

I had a great Xmas; I realized that Ingolf got a massive buff and was so amused :slight_smile:

Originally, Infolf has served as a cautionary tale for me; you see in 2020 Autumn when I got him I was taking my first tentative steps into the world of E&P. Thus a 4* hero was a big deal for me :slight_smile: and I started leveling immediately. By the time I reached 4.60 ( level 60 at 4th tier) I had discovered the forums and it was very clear everybody felt he was terrible. And he was… So I got him to 4.70 and put then him on the side with a feeling of bitterness (for spending time and limited resources to level him) and relief (at least I did not use my emblems!).

Fast Forward a year and SG has managed to make me feel like a prescient genius for ascending him all the way lol. The same Ingolf after the buff is suddenly one of the meanest 4* heroes ever and, as far as I am concerned, only second to cRigard amongst the purple 4*s.

The moral of the story for me is that in E&P you should never - ever -ever throw away the 1st copy of any hero…


I already finished max Ingolf, and would plan to emblem him, but I still wait for next VF war.
My fighters emblem are the most compatitive emblems so far.

Here is simulation from heroplan.io
Focus on Attack/Defense/HP:

Focus on Defense/HP-Attack:

I would plan to ficus Attack/Defense/HP, because he is fighter (chance revive) and need more damages.

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