🦹‍♂ Ingolf – 4* Dark/ Purple from League of Villains

No wonder they get beaten by heroes at regular basis.

This is what you get for crying for nerfs all the time… Unbalanced trash 4* . Got ridiculous amount of him from summons, too bad since event 4* are supposed to be better than vanilla heroes…


i saw yuki video pulling , its like 4star dawa, i think from now on SG wont make powerful 4 star as it cant be money grab for them!!!

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Of all the villains, he’s the one who got a major rework on his skills. I guess maybe SG thought this new skill set would make him work. Guess not


I got Ingolf from the free coins. Not a big loss but also not a great hero.

One of the worst 4 * in the game. He would have to be at least Media mana, or hit all enemies.

It has to be reviewed.

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This whole event was trash, dark lord and that toxicandra were the only two worth anything. And I don’t think small giant did this because of players crying for nerfs or overpowered hero’s cause they are putting Finley in the costume chamber . I guess he wasn’t strong enough and needed a buff. Lol

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I would like to say that Ingolf is not as bad as you said.

According to his stats, he is way better thant Tiburtus costume fully emblemed, left alone the attack.

And here is where he cames. Defence team. In my case I will replace Tiburtus and put Ingolf.

I have Ariel and Toxicandra in my team, so Ingolf’s special skill turns with troop mana lvl 11 and ariel’s bonus into an average one. Left alone the buff of Toxicandra.

And with the 30% chance of revive and his family bonus, wich it is heal the 10% of the damage you do (5% chance) he turns into an annoyer.

Due to its 9% of negative mana renegeration, (+9% each turn) and the mana generated by Toxicandra we have a very good average heroe, if everything goes well in battle.

Ingolf maxed with emblems: 689 ATT. ; 756 DEF. and 1379 VIT.

But, he needs a buff on his special skill. It is far away from decent.

All of that being said, yes if you go trough defence path you have a very nice 4* heroe and, of course, it is worth to spend emblems on him.

Share your thoughts!!

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I think the hero as a whole isn’t bad, but the special is under-powered in no small part due to the fact that part of the debuff (reduced buff duration) is very situational.

Simplest solutions include
*making the speed average
*changing it from attack 3 to an attack all

Either of those adjustments would make him at least decent, or very good situationally.

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This guy would be subpar at average mana. Slow mana is laughable. Another 1/1 forever hero.


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