Ingame database search

I have a hard time sorting out heroes or looking for specific ones (like ‘def down to all enemies’). The more heroes the harder it gets.
There’s so much fanwork and I really appreciate all the hard work, but I wonder if there’s a way to implement a ingame database one could browse through.
Plus I would love to have more options of sorting my own heroes out (again like: which of my heroes are cleansing and stuff like that).

Why is it we have to rely on players work to gain an overview over this kinda things?

I’m positive there is a way to do it, but there’s little incentive as it won’t generate any income (ooh, is my cynicism starting to show?)

There are a couple 3rd party apps, at least on Android, that have lots of hero information. Unfortunately last time I checked them you can’t limit it to just the heroes you have.

In general I have to rely on my feeble old brain database, which tends to have a random search function.

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