Information/info-graphics/links to guides tips a collection of it all! let dump it!

Hi @Shark_Bait!

Many of the items you’ve posted appear to be things that actually originated elsewhere on the forum, e.g. from:

And I also see several things that I believe @OwlSpirit made.

It’s generally more useful on the forum to have things organized into separate related topics — like those above. I could probably track down where a few more of these came from too, for those already on the forum.

I’d also like to make sure the originators of these great infographics are properly credited.

I’m going to suggest to the mods to close this particular thread, since a lot of this duplicates resources already well-maintained elsewhere on the forum, but I’d certainly support you putting together your own guides in topic-specific posts on the forum. :slight_smile:

@Kerridoc @Rook @Coppersky I think this particular thread should be closed so these items can be organized in their respective homes (as most are now already). What do you think?