Information/info-graphics/links to guides tips a collection of it all! let dump it!

well im sharing it in a easily condensed form maybe even for those with alliances that would like to collect these for their respective teams. i also know that not everyone wants to run all over different threads for the corresponding topic. i have no issues giving credit to those who made what they made i am in no way taking credit for these i just compiled them. just want to make a melting pot of easily accessible information/material. i cant possibly see how that warrants a shut down of my thread.

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Well, if you have no issues giving credit - then why don’t you?
Experienced players may not have any difficulty recognizing these graphics and their originators, but new players may get confused.
If you have taken the time to find all these, why not add credit as you go? Compiling the data for each of these graphics has taken time and resources - and the originators have been very generous to share them with the forum. Personally, I believe you should show a little more respect when using data that others have compiled and already shared.

As for why shut down the thread? - because it is just another post of information already available. Nobody looking for something specific is going to find it easily here, because it is just a long thread of many different kinds of information. Anyone looking for specific information will be more likely to find it in one of the original threads.


i have no issues with that as i said. its not an attempt to be disrespectful far from. ill edit as i go and get info on the originators. id be more then thrilled to add edits for the makers as i go, as great community contributors that took their free unpaid time to create content for the community.

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In addition to the separate threads I started linking, there actually already is a consolidated resource thread as well:

@CheTranqui has also been hard at work with others building a Wiki that consolidates many of these resources in one place. You might actually be interested in contributing to that project. :slight_smile:

The forum also has a quoting and citation feature, so if we were going to make something like this, there’s a better way to do it that would also link the items back to their original sources, which would make it easier for players looking for more in-depth information to be able to click through, while still having many resources consolidated in one place.


Duplicate threads are technically not allowed, per #forum-rules, as @Witch mentioned, but that’s up to the mods, which is why I asked for their opinions. :slight_smile:

And in terms of crediting, again, I think we could leverage the forum software effectively for that.

Here’s an example of what that looks like, when someone quotes one thread from another — notice how credit and linkage is automatically maintained:


i see guess ill remove the thread find all proper links of the information i have and re approach. sorry didn’t be to be a “forum jerk” just trying to obtain more info for my alliance/friends alliances. so that we have material to give them to facilitate growth in game. i didnt want to keep endlessly scouring the threads and outside websites (was trying to save time). my apologies.

Well first off, don’t be sorry. And I hope I didn’t make you feel like a “forum jerk,” you’re not at all. :slight_smile:

I think the idea of consolidating resources into an easier-to-find location is an excellent one. I just want to help do it effectively.

@_John_Doe had the idea for that Master Links list, which was useful, and forum-based. And @Rook helped assemble it together.

And @CheTranqui had the idea for a new wiki, which is off the forum on a separate website.

I’m sure they’d all be happy to have your contributions identifying items to feature, whom to credit, and what resources make sense to have consolidated in one place for easy access.

Stick around, I’m sure some of them will chime in with ideas on how you and they can help organize all of this. :slight_smile:


Duplicate threads lol! Go count all the threads moaning about mostly the same things. Shut them down and 50% of the forum disappears poof

Very true. The war and troop infographics are actually new to me and will augment those pages greatly. It’ll require some searching to find the original source, but either way it’s definitely better to have that information than not!

Thank you for sharing what you have, @Shark_Bait! The troops page is now better off for it!

I posted the links for some of them up above, and I may be able to find the sources of some of the others — which ones do you need?

Saw that - found NOX and POIS for a few of the troop stuff. Umm…

Attributions Still Needed:

  1. Hero Leveling Quantities - Looks like a screenshot of a spreadsheet
  2. Buffs & Debuffs
  3. War Attack Windows
  4. Trainer Hero Roster

The search continues…

Cool, I’ll be around later today, I can take a look when you’ve hunted some more. :smile:

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Could you post screenshots of what you have?

See the first post - it’s all up there.

If I can’t find a source I won’t use the graphic. Not a huge deal, but it’d be nice.

Is this list up to date with what you’re still looking for?

Yup - those are the remaining graphics that I’d like sources for. I’ll post them here:


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Trainer Hero Rosters are from the bottom of: New! All Updated Hero Rosters

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I’m not sure about the other 3. I don’t recall seeing them on the forum before, and I couldn’t find them in the Notes or Albums on the 3 LINE groups that I thought would be most likely to have some of them.

The Effects list must be fairly recently created or updated, because it has Sumitomo’s Oji-waza, Vampire’s drain/steal, and Inari’s Lucky Nine on it.

The leveling “Heroes Needed” spreadsheet looks familiar to me, but probably from seeing it passed around on LINE.

The War hit timing guide I’m not sure if I’ve seen before. It may be from one of the common guides on War, though I didn’t see it in the few I checked.

@Shark_Bait, do you know where you saved those particular 3 images from?

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Thanks for looking - I appreciate the trainer find, already threw that in, now, for the all-important Trainer Heroes page (LOL!).

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Re: Positive/Negative effects. Maybe Mhamister? I don’t see a forum account though. I’m asking them if it’s theirs.

EDIT: It’s not Mhamister, though they like the graphics! :wink:

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