Information/info-graphics/links to guides tips a collection of it all! let dump it!

In addition to the separate threads I started linking, there actually already is a consolidated resource thread as well:

@CheTranqui has also been hard at work with others building a Wiki that consolidates many of these resources in one place. You might actually be interested in contributing to that project. :slight_smile:

The forum also has a quoting and citation feature, so if we were going to make something like this, there’s a better way to do it that would also link the items back to their original sources, which would make it easier for players looking for more in-depth information to be able to click through, while still having many resources consolidated in one place.


Duplicate threads are technically not allowed, per Forum Rules, as @Witch mentioned, but that’s up to the mods, which is why I asked for their opinions. :slight_smile:

And in terms of crediting, again, I think we could leverage the forum software effectively for that.

Here’s an example of what that looks like, when someone quotes one thread from another — notice how credit and linkage is automatically maintained: