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Right you fabulous lot. Am starting an alliance, with a few game friends I have made along the way. Learnt alot from this forum and a few alliances on the way and would like to repay that favour to, newbies and medium players. If any1 could post on this or give me links for cheat sheets and farming links, along with event picture help I would be forever grateful. If this post is not aloud. I apologise and understand if removed. Thanks in advance

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It’s all here dude, thanks to @_John_Doe

One Click Guide


Most of that can be found in the #player-guides category. Off the top of my head Boolz
made a good compilation of links here: 📌 Boolz Guide - OneClick > QuickInfo

EDIT: LOL… I got ninja’d by 1m


Great minds think alike :wink:


Wow that’s amazing @_John_Doe I love ya haha

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Here you are…

Both are very helpful I think…have fun in your new alliance and good luck!

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