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Hello E&P community.

I wish to ask to the beta testers to kindly share something about the new classes and the new skills heroes are going to gain in the near future.
While we know it will happens soon, the E&P meaning of soon can be some months in the future and will be really helpfull for the ones which can’t gain the infos to know how our heroes can be further developed. This could be really usefull expecially when someone has to chose the heroes to ascend.
Then so, why not to post a list of the heroes with the indication of the class and the skill they are going to gain?

From what I’ve heard, the classes and which heroes are in each have undergone extreme changes multiple times in beta. I think it’s still premature to compile a list like that, since they’re not finalized.

Here’s some useful info from @Kerridoc:


Tks, but still the skill gain is really a huge improvment on a heroe rating and this info is unavailable to many.
I would think that, while the class of an hero could be switched during testing, his/her skill will remain the same. Am I wrong? If not, this info is really valuable and worth to sharing

The stat improvements and talents are tied to the classes. So yes, I think the class changing would also change everything else, and make preliminary information fairly unhelpful for any current decision making.

so lt’s take a look to the preview of richard provided by the staff: there he gains a new skill named protect and he is under the paladin class. You mean that if he become a mage the “protect” skill changes with it.
Are then the skills the same for every class? I mean, every paladin gains the “protect” skill? I believed they are different for every heroes but thinking more carefully this can be a huge work.

Yes, this, exactly. I think the skill tree for each class is defined, and then the heroes in that class have that skill tree. And different classes have different trees.

But which class each hero is in is in flux still.

And I think even the skill trees themselves and the mechanisms associated with them are in flux too.

This is a pretty major change going through a lot of testing and iterations. I don’t think it’s likely to be released super soon. I think we’ll get some more insights as a more finalized version approaches over the next month or two…or more.

Any beta tester who will share any kibd of information that not YET officialy published is risking his beta account.
No one wants that.
And as E&P a game of time … we can still enjoy it as it is and get the surprizes as should have been taken with happiness.
And as the forever BETA rule says:
What happen in BETA stays in BETA.

What information??? I dont know what your talking about

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Just that :wink:

As soon as we have Small Giant seal of approval (i guess when all heroes have their classes set in stone) there’s already an amazing compendium that i think will be moved on the player guides. (I’m looking at you @Mariamne)

I honestly look at it frequently because it’s really easy and enjoyable.


It s a lot of work. Beta testers test, make remarks, take notes and prepare tutorials …
But our works for the communauty is shareable only with the publication of the update (will contain the classes).
We don t forget you and we prepare videos tables … to help all players :slight_smile: .


On New Year 2019 Sneak Peek!

We could see a example Richard
Richard is a paladin (talent paladin = protect)
Each heroes full ascended have talent grid button (and acces a new window)
On the window we have a talent grid where you do some choices (more attack or more defense … ) Each node is unlocked with some emblems.
We will have 10 class quests to collect some emblems.


When your data will be released I would know for certain what to link on Master List of E&P Links’ thread :hugs:

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I am in the starting blocks :wink:


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