Infinite Waters - Recruitment!

21 members. Looking for 9 more to join the family.

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We are a RESPECTFUL alliance! And understand that real life comes first.
We have 20 CORE Players who have been here for a number of years. And have became very close.
We would love it… if we could find the perfect person to join us.
Are you passionate about E&P?
Do you enjoy chatting daily with people from all over the world?
Do you love supporting and helping your team mates?
Then this is the perfect home for you!
Drop me a message if you have any questions.

FYI: we have only lost two wars this month. :wink:

Happy Gaming!

Here at Infinite Waters, we love to play E&P and even create our own fun challenges in our discord group. From 3 hero raid challenge! Defeat Ursena on hard mode using only Purple Tanks! And our favourite… the Tournament! …
Why not join a fun and active alliance who will always keep you entertained?

Please note the challenges can only be seen on our discord channel.

Come and join the fun today!

Come & Join Infinite Waters!

Hey everyone! I’m gonna be real here…
Recruiting new Family members is hard work. As an alliance, we have aimed to try and recruit experienced gamers. Some have come and gone…
In our experience we have found that some of these high level players are just not loyal to an alliance. And that’s okay… we wish all of them the best of luck! Our family has 20 members who have been with us for months (some years)
Which is why… at infinite waters we have now dropped our trophies to 1200!!! We find new players are the most loyal, and active players.
And we would love it if you could join our family and grow with us!
Be part of an alliance that loves to help each other and make you stronger! We use all our flags if opted into war. And we hit those pesky 10-11 star Titans as best as we can. :wink:

Search us, and request to join! We would love to have you!

This is a great family with lots of experienced players! Very welcoming to both experienced and novice players looking to grow! Lace, how long have you been with Infinite waters?

@MRY My apologies, I accidentally rejected you. Please do try to join again!

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Oh gosh… I’ve been with them for over 2 years! This alliance is my home. :kissing_smiling_eyes:

@MRY We are so sorry! Accidentally hit the reject button. :hot_face:
If you could reconsider and apply again that would be awesome!! :kiss:

It’s a great home, lots of good people and fun !

5 spots now open at Infinite Waters due to players having a break from the game. We’d love to have you join us!

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