Infinite Waters - Recruitment!

Good day everyone! My name is Lace, and I’m an Elder in an Alliance called Infinite Waters!

We are looking for enthusiastic, active players or a small alliance who would like to merge with our family.

Infinite Waters is a fun little family who aims makes you feel right at home! :heart:
We’re a mixed bunch of hard hitting, experienced players along with some up and comers…and everyone in between.
For newer players, rest assured all your questions will be answered by a team eager to help, and for experienced players, we love to learn from you as well.

We love winning and we learn from losing. Team work is what it’s all about and it’s participation that counts. Lone wolves need not apply! :wolf:

We are fighting against 10-11 star Titans and have a DISCORD GROUP for our members to share game tactics and other conversation, but that is optional.

We have members from all over of the world so ALL ARE WELCOME!! :world_map:

Real life happens so we don’t kick people for having other obligations, however, communication is key! Let the elders know if you won’t be active in the game for a period of time. We’re all about team work! :kissing_closed_eyes:

Our required trophies are 1800 :trophy:

Other requirements:
First of all…ENJOY THE GAME!!!

Hit TITAN daily(as much as you can).

We want you fighting alongside us in war but if that’s not always possible that ok! it’s NOT mandatory - Need to use all 6 flags when you do participate tho.
We use Purple Tanks in war to hold down our Kingdom.

Join us, grow with us and win with us. :crossed_swords:

Send me a message if you have any questions. :wink:

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I’m interested. How do you manage those that do not use all thir flags in war?

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All we ask is that you opt out of war until you are able to commit to using full flags. :smiley:

We have had a few time that “real life” scenarios can happen. So people may miss one or two. As long as the vast majority is used. Or at least a heads up…, we fully understand. Communication is everything to us. :kissing_heart:


Sounds good! I will request to join once our dragon is down. Look for itonlyafleshwound.

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Sweet! Thank you. I shall keep my eyes open for you. :kissing_heart: Have fun slaying the dragon.

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6 Spots Open…

We’ve got the heavy hitters on our team :grin:

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Hello your Alliance is set to “Invite Only”. Who do I need to contact for an invite?


Hi there!

Thank you for showing an interest in joining our family. :smile:

All you have to do when you’re logged in the game is search Infinite Waters under the alliance tab and request to join.

One of our elders will then approve and you will be in the alliance.

If you could, just let me know your gamer name so that I can be on the lookout for you.

Many thanks & Happy Gaming! :kissing_closed_eyes:

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Join now & claim your basket of puppies! :heart:


Playing like a broken record here :stuck_out_tongue:
We are still looking for fun, active members to join us!

I don’t mean to brag…

Except I totally do. :wink:

Do you wanna know how it feels to be top of the board?? Then join a team who will support you and take you there!

If I can reach number 1 in my local area.
Then you can too! You just need the right team mates and alliance to back you up. :smile:

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Hi, I’m 3200 powered, 1700ish trophy daily player. I I’ve started playing since April 6th. I’m looking for a new alliance as my current ones have only 10 people since I joined back in April. As I learn more about the game, I realize I need to be in a team where higher star Titans are available. Not to mention alliance war coordination. I’m available on most chat apps, plays every few hours before energy fills up except sleeping time. In 3mth+ my main team is cadmon 4/70,gormek 4/70, bloodtusk 3/60, Raffaele 3/65 and tyrum 3/50. I’ve mange to get to 46 level in the recently concluded path of Valor. I am F2p but I’m looking to get VIP and/or Valor if I’m in a progressive alliance. Hope you can consider my participation as I’m slightly below your required trophy because I can’t hold onto platinum yet. About 5million food stored now for further leveling.

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Hi Hamkaling! Please to meet you. :smile:
I apologies for responding so late. Been stuck at work all day.

Are you still looking to join Infinite Waters?

I can certainly discuss with our leader and lower our trophy requirements for you to join.

Just let me know so I can do this for you.

We certainly don’t wish to turn away any active players. :wink: And we have a good range of up and comers like yourself. I think you would fit in very well with us.

We have changed it to 1600 trophies for you. Please feel free to apply and I will accept. :kiss:

Hi lace, thank you for the offer. May I join shortly after the war? Is there anyone discord/line etc that I can communicate?

We are happy to have you with us! There are still a few open spots for other people that are looking for a new home!

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This is a great alliance. Friendly, helpful and competitive. What more can you ask? Join now!

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