Infinite Waters Alliance: 1800+ Cups to Join

Hiya Guys! So we have 3 spots open at Infinite Waters.

We just have had a few member day their goodbyes as they have quit the game (I’m sure you all know how stressful it gets from time to time)

But regardless the rest of us are still going strong. And we’d love to fill back up to 30 members strong again. Drop me a reply if you’d like to know more. :kissing:

Hello, looking for another home and your alliance caught my eye. What are your requirements/what are you looking for in possible candidates?

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Hiya Ruckus. Thanks for reaching out.

So our requirements are 1200 trophies to join.
We fight 11-12 star titans (I hope that’s okay) we just ask that you hit it daily when you log in.
War is optional. If you do opt in, just use all flags please.

You don’t need line or discord. But we do have a huge discord page which is full of information and is active daily. Most members do have it to help each other out. After all we are still learning as the game continues to throw new challenges.

And other than that we just ask that you are active daily. And give a heads up if you are having a little break or rest from the game.

If there is anything more specific you’d like to know, drop me another message. But I hope this helps.

Hi all! Still looking for strong active players to join our active family :relaxed:

Rules are straight forward. Use war flags or opt out. Hit Titan daily (minimum 3 flags)

Communication is key. But we don’t mind the silent type, giving that they are active and kicking butt with us.

Hiya all. Looking for active members with over 1800 trophies!


Come check out what we have to offer!

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Hey all! We have spots open here at IW!!

21 members strong! We’re looking for some serious hitters. Come check us out.

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Hey All! Looking for a home?
Friendly members, hard hitters, easy rules to follow. Then come join us at IW. Hit me up if you wanna know more. :heart:


Love your alliance name and the art is so sweet! Thanks for the bump Infinite Wars! Good Luck in recruitment and hope to see y’all on the battlefield!

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Thanks :heart: Cya on the battlefield. :wink:

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