Infinite Waters Alliance: 1800+ Cups to Join

Good day everyone! My name is Lace, and I am one of the leaders in an Alliance called Infinite Waters!

We are looking for enthusiastic, active players to join!

Infinite Waters is a fun little family who aims makes you feel right at home! :heart:
We’re a mixed bunch of hard hitting, experienced players along with some up and comers…and everyone in between.
For newer players, rest assured all your questions will be answered by a team eager to help, and for experienced players, we love to learn from you as well.

We love winning and we learn from losing. Team work is what it’s all about and it’s participation that counts.

We are fighting against 11/12 star Titans and have a DISCORD GROUP for our members to share game tactics and other conversation, but that is optional.

We have members from all over of the world so ALL ARE WELCOME!! :world_map:

Real life happens so we don’t kick people for having other obligations, however, communication is key! Let the elders know if you won’t be active in the game for a period of time. We’re all about team work! :kissing_closed_eyes:

Our required trophies are 1800 :trophy:

Other requirements:
First of all…ENJOY THE GAME!!!

Hit TITAN daily(as much as you can).

We want you fighting alongside us in war but if that’s not always possible that ok! it’s NOT mandatory - Need to use all 6 flags when you do participate tho.
We use coordinated element colours in war.

Join us, grow with us and win with us. :crossed_swords:

Send me a message if you have any questions. :wink:


5 spots open. (Had to kick someone for inappropriate behaviour)…

Nothing but a friendly/respectful alliance here! :kissing_heart:

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We have 3 spots open here at Infinite Waters.
If you’re tired of your current alliance missing titans & not using all war flags, then our alliance is the place to be! Everyone puts in the work. :kissing_heart:


Hey Lace, really love that poster but from a marketing perspective the top banner looks a little too grey and blends in a bit too much for my eye. A nice icy light blue or more bright grey would make it pop :slight_smile:

Best of luck recruiting though!

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Hi. Thanks for the feedback. :grinning:
Luckily I’ve a few more posters made up. That one is actually one of my least favourites cause I felt I couldn’t quite get the colours right.
Appreciate you letting me know. I might edit. :kissing_heart:
Happy Gaming!

Hey all! We have two spots open here at Infinite Waters!
Come join us!

We’re also happy if any two mercs wanna join in for a short period to play mystic titans with us! #mystictitan #alliance-recruitment


Hey guys, come on by and check us out! You might just find that you never want to leave. :heart_eyes:

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:joy: We don’t do AutoPlay on Titans. And we also don’t leave unused War Flags.

Currently hitting a RARE TITAN! 3 spots open.

4 spots open! Come join in on the fun.

Hi guys! 3 spots open. Come and join the fun!

Hey Lace, an old alliance friend is interested in joining you guys but can’t get the Discord to work. Not on the forum at the moment to ask so can you offer any help I can relay on?

Hi cheds. Apologies for my very late reply. We are actually full in the alliance atm.

But discord isn’t mandatory to join this alliance.

We do have line also if that helps?

We have a few members who don’t use either though. They just keep up to date with in game chat.

Hey lace, no problems. She found somewhere else in the meantime :+1:

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Hi Everyone!

Infinite Waters now has 5 spots open! We had a very small crew leave our alliance to continue their own gaming journey within their own alliance.

Leaving us with some extra space, for any active players who are looking for a friendly yet competitive alliance.

We ask you to use all war flags if opting in. And hit Titan as much as you can when you play.
Drop me a message. Or request to join Infinite Waters now.

Happy Gaming!

Who’s ready to stop making excuses and join a fun/active alliance who aims to do better as they grow? :wink:

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25 members here. Join in on the fun & madness. :laughing:

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Hi! Do you recruit Russian-speaking players from Russia?)what messenger do you have for communication in the alliance?

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Hi Nikita.

We are an English speaking alliance. We do have a range of players who can speak several languages. But primarily English is what we all speak.

We use Line and Discord to communicate, as well as in game chat. :relaxed:

I hope this helps.

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Join us! We’re a team to be feared :wink:

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